• 16:9 format
• In-event :15, :30 or :60 length. Longer available per agreement.
• Formats: 720p or 1080p in .MOV or .MP4 files

Banners and Rich Media:

• Leaderboard Ad (728×90)
• Super Leaderboard Ad (970×90)
• Medium Rectangle (300×250)
• Mobile Smartphone (320×50)
• Skyscraper (160×300)
• Third party tags accepted
• Max Size: 200 KB (50 KB for Mobile)
• Changes: Creative may be changed weekly with 48 hours notice
• Animation: Length of animation 15 seconds. No looping beyond 15 seconds, part of subload, JavaScript used for animation must be executed as asynchronous load and CSS used must be inline. No flashing, high contrast, fast moving or bright color animation.

Detailed Guidelines: IAB Universal Standards

Use the upload below. You may also send a share link for Google Drive, DropBox, Box, etc. FTP is available – ask and we’ll send you sign-in credentials. Wrangler Network Ad Support 859.687.6182 (Patrick, Kevin, Tim). If you have any problems or wish to send tags or a share link, please contact us.


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