Confidence Equals Success!

By Wrangler Network contributor and Professional Angler Ron Johnson

Confidence equals success

What do you do when your favorite lure of fishing hole is not producing the results you expected? You started the fishing day with optimism and excitement that the fish gods were going to be on your side, only to finish the day deflated and frustrated when the fish did not cooperate. Does this sound familiar? We have all had those tough days on the water when things just do not go the way we had visioned. I got news for you ….this happens more times than not to even the most skilled of anglers. Here is the good news. The fish are always biting somewhere and someone is always more than likely going to catch them, so why not you?

Ask yourself…are you one of those fisherman who usually concede to defeat and conclude that the fish just are not biting on this particular day, or are you someone who makes the adjustments with the determination to catch them? Rather than throwing in the towel when your favorite lure or fishing hole is not paying off, try to think about why the fish are not biting and make some necessary adjustments. Making some simple changes to lure shape or size, speed of retireve, location or even depth can make all the difference in your fishing success.

Some days can be extremely challenging and you may even ask yourself why am I even wasting my time, but remember this is what we call the learning process. Staying positive and exhausting all options in your quest to figure them out is not easy, but mental attitude and confidence can make all the difference. When you take to the water with this mindset, you will begin to see your time, patience and persistence pay off which will put you on the receiving end of many great fish stories to share with your friends. This may not always mean catching a ton of fish or even the biggest of your lifetime. If you can come away from the day having confidence in a lure, master a new technique or stumble across a new fishing spot that you have not previously discovered your well on your way to improving as an angler. Next time you plan for a fishing trip, be prepared to take on some new challenges. Remember confidence is everything, and finding ways to achieve will lead you to sweet victory!