WEATHER GUARD PRCA World Standings Watch: Standings Shuffle – 29 Cowboys Move Up

Winter competition heated up as over $2.5 million was up for grabs at several rodeos across the country, including the $1.48 million San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, the $446,576 San Angelo Rodeo and the record-setting $331,218 at La Fiesta de los Vaqueros.

With so much money on the table, cowboys are finding themselves in a high-stakes version of musical chairs for one of the coveted positions in the Top 15. A single major rodeo win could set the pace for their 2017 season and grant them a ticket to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo presented by Polaris RANGER in December.

It’s easier to maintain a position at the top than it is to play catch-up for a qualifying position in the WEATHER GUARD® PRCA World Standings, so it’s important to win big early in the season.

In the last two weeks, some cowboys had the right combination of luck and skill to launch themselves from as far down the standings as below No. 200 and into the Top 15.

The following are the cowboys who were No. 20 or lower in the rankings as of two weeks ago but are now in the Top 15.

Travis Woodard wasn’t even in the Top 200 for team roping (heeling) and now he’s 15th
Brady Portenier hadn’t won any money as of Feb. 13, now he’s 14th in bull riding
Hunter Herrin moved from 157th to 5th in tie-down roping
Roscoe Jarboe moved from 144th to 4th in bull riding
Josh Peek moved from 96th to 5th in steer wrestling
Ty Wallace moved from 95th to 1st in bull riding
Hardy Braden moved from 87th to 5th in saddle bronc
Trell Etbauer moved from 69th to 15th in tie-down roping
Shane Hanchey moved from 62nd to 8th in tie-down roping
Garrett Rogers moved from 61st to 11th in team roping (header)
Jake Minor moved from 59th to 11th in team roping (heeling)
Tony Reina moved from 58th to 7th in steer roping
Richmond Champion moved from 54th to 14th in bareback
Scottie Knapp moved from 52nd to 12th in bull riding
Ace Slone moved from 46th to 11th in tie-down roping
Austin Foss moved from 45th to 13th in bareback
John Bland moved from 41st to 6th in steer roping
John Stratten moved from 39th to 9th in saddle bronc
Brennon Eldred moved from 39th to 14th in bull riding
Baylor Roche moved from 35th to 7th in steer wrestling
Troy Tillard moved from 32nd to 4th in steer roping
Matt Reeves moved from 28th to 14th in steer wrestling
Ryder Wright moved from 24th to 13th in saddle bronc
Trevor Reiste moved from 23rd to 9th in bull riding
John Alley moved from 23rd to 15th in team roping (header)
Cody Quaney moved from 23rd to 12th in tie-down roping
Tyler Pearson moved 21st to 9th in steer wrestling
Jason Evans moved from 20th to 2nd in steer roping
Wyatt Bloom moved from 20th to 15th in bareback

More big rodeos are on the horizon as the RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo and RAM National Circuit Finals Steer Roping are set for April. The outcomes of these rodeos and others are sure to impact the world standings in a big way, and possibly give a glimpse at who we’ll be seeing in Las Vegas.

Check back with next week to see who the new leaders are in the world standings.

Courtesy of PRCA