WEATHER GUARD World Standings Watch: The Final Countdown in the Final Week

#MakeOrBreakTime #BubbleWatch2016

It would appear that for many events it will come down to the final night of this 2016 PRCA regular season.

The thundering hooves in SW continue to run wide open to the tune of several runs this week in the long 3’s and low 4’s by Jake Rinehart, Cody Cabral, and Trevor Knowles. These finals days will be vastly important to all of them to lock the WNFR birth.

Tie-Down roping has an obvious throw down in these final days with Tyson Durfey, J.C. Malone, and Adam Grey in which Durfey has already put his hustle to the test traveling these finals days with family to include his wife Shea and brand new daughter! I submit that the travel and hustle it takes in these final days can be grueling and a not without an immense amount of pressure.

Here’s a quick look at Tyson as he travels from the Victory Lap in Caldwell, ID to hand his horse off, load the truck and get rolling. I was fortunate enough to get this glimpse on foot to hear about the life on “the bubble” while trying to maintain family and life. Tyson really is one of those guys that is fun to be around in our industry. He could have easily said I don’t have time or I’m in too big of a hurry, but instead he let us in as he scurried to the truck to get to the next one.

Stay Tuned with the WEATHER GUARD Watch this FINAL WEEK, and enjoy this soundbite with Tyson, sorry it’s a little shaky…


DavidSharpWEATHER GUARD World Standings Watch is written by David Sharp.