Wrangler Western Jeans: True Works of Art

From riding, roping and working on a ranch, Wrangler Western jeans have long been used for a wide range of needs. However, just how wide that range is wasn’t clear until the recent discovery of an unconventional way the iconic jeans are being used: contemporary mixed-media oil paintings created by a remarkable two-man art-team.

Born and raised in Wrangler Western jeans, artist Russell Metzger began his career in a flooring business until one fateful day when his path took an interesting turn. On that day, Metzger was creating art, as he often does in his spare time, and decided that instead of throwing away an old pair of Wrangler jeans, he would harden them with chemicals and create a canvas where the Wrangler jeans formed an American flag.  The piece was aptly named “Born in the USA” and a commercial artist was born. Metzger had the piece shown in Jezebel Gallery in Madrid, N.M., where it sold to collectors in Australia.

And that was just the start. In 2008, he had the chance to help Hollywood producer, writer, director and artist, Paul Davids, on the film “Before We Say Goodbye.” During a visit to Davids’ home, Metzger admired the large oil paintings that filled his house from top to bottom. The paintings struck an idea and Metzger gave Davids a challenge; he would cover a huge canvas with hardened Wrangler Jeans and Davids would paint over it with oils. Both stuck to their promise and their first collaborative piece came to realization and was named “Night Snowfall in the City.” Due to the success of their first piece, the duo continued to work together and produced many more works of art that you can view below such as “Four Corners Sunset,” “Blue Grotto,” “Jean’s Cove,” “Mountain Men,” and “The Spirit of Vincent.”

Russell Metzger and Paul Davids have 13 of their pieces currently on display at the exclusive resort, the Ritz-Carlton in Laguna Niguel, Calif., from Feb. 8 through April 30, 2014. To find out more about the exhibition, please visit To learn more about Metzger, Davids, and their art, visit and

Born in the USA by Russell Metzger

Four Corners Sunset
Collaboration of Paul Davids and Russell Metzger

Jeans Cove
Collaboration of Paul Davids and Russell Metzger

Mountain Men
Collaboration of Paul Davids and Russell Metzger

Night Snowfall in the City
Collaboration of Paul Davids and Russell Metzger

The Blue Grotto
Collaboration of Paul Davids and Russell Metzger

The Spirit of Vincent
Collaboration of Paul Davids and Russell Metzger