Codi Miller, Miss Rodeo North Dakota


Codi Miller (North Dakota)

Codi Miller is from Amidon, North Dakota and is currently a student at Minot State University and pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Degree. She hopes to build upon her Associate’s in Tourism & Hospitality Management with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, and Master’s in Communication. With her degrees, she plans to have a career in the public relations field, planning and promoting events aimed towards political and/or non-profit organizations.

A few of Codi’s hobbies include rodeo, ranching, being in the hay field, driving tractor, fixing fence, training and riding performance and ranch Quarter horses, making jewelry, motivational and public speaking, cooking and baking, thrift shopping, traveling, photography and watching baseball with her Dad. By using her anti-bullying platform, Cowgirl Suize, she has been able to participate in many community activities, such as The Crown C.A.R.E.S, Rapid City Area Girls Inc., the Stand Up Program, and Rural Community Bullying Prevention. She is a member of the Amidon Rural Fire Department in order to protect her community’s safety and future.

“As a fifth generational rancher and rodeo competitor, I have learned character, values, and perseverance with each buck off and mile of fixed fence. Miss Rodeo America should not only turn heads with her western fashion, or create new fans with her ability to be personable; but be a humble symbol of the hard work and integrity cowboys and cowgirls around this country embrace. Rodeo and agriculture has had such an influential impact on my life, that I would like nothing more than to share this love with everyone I meet! Miss Rodeo America is a woman of faith, passion, and grace. I am ready for this job!”