Dustin Collins Band


Manager: Freebody & Associates

Bio: What does being a Professional Country musician mean to you? When asked Nashville recording artist Dustin Collins simply says hard work, determination, and LOVE of the business. Dustin started playing and writing music at the age of 8 with his dad and uncle in the small town of Bardstown, Kentucky. Playing clubs and numerous bands until adult hood Dustin landed several small publishing deals on his writings and performed with his band in small clubs and even playing some opening slots for major label artists such as the Kentucky headhunters and Shannon Lawson when finally in 2014 he met Grammy winning producer and songwriter Steven Battey and Sammy Mitchell. The three wrote and recording several songs and began pitching to major artist and labels such as sony and UMG. After recording a small em and several label meetings Dustin was offered a full recording deal with Kentucky/Nashville based record label Muddy Boy Record. Since signing Dustin and his management group Panderuella Artist Management started work on the music video for STRAIGHT UP produced by Steven Battey Grammy winging songwriter and producer (Madonna, Justin Beiber, Chris Brown) which is to be his debut single and released internationally to over 500 radio stations in the US, Canada and Europe. Straight up has already found commercial success during it’s prerelease to internationally syndicated radio show icemans cavern top 40 countdown debuting at number 33. Dustin’s new full length album is currently in the works with a tentative release date of March 15 2015. Dustin is currently booking large theaters and amphitheaters across the Us.