2014 PFR Charity Tattoo Winner

Rodeo Fans, like any other sport, love their celebrities, recognizing and admiring their accomplishments and personalities. But how many celebrities would risk getting a tattoo designed by someone else that they’d be branded with for life? Well, there were 13 rodeo celebrities who accepted the Pro Fantasy Rodeo’s “Charity Tattoo League” challenge and all for a good cause—to the benefit their favorite charity. Participants included 8-time world champion calf ropers Joe Beaver and Fred Whitfield, 4-time world champion steer wrestler Ote Berry, 8-time world champion bull rider Donnie Gay, 8-time PRCA Clown of the Year Flint Rasmussen, 2-time PRCA Clown of the year Justin Rumford, TV commentators Butch Knowles and Jeff Meadors, and award winning rodeo announcers Boyd Polhamus, Randy Corley, Wayne Brooks, Steve Kenyon and Bob Tallman.

PFR Charity Tattoo Winner

This new venture provided by Pro Fantasy Rodeo recently concluded when the 2014 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas ended December 14, 2014. The “Charity Tattoo League” concept involved rodeo celebrities competing against each other in a PFR league for most money won by their chosen team of eight rodeo contestants at the end of the WNFR.

After 10 rounds of competition where each celebrity’s status in the league rose and fell according to how much their teams won, Flint Rasmussen’s team “Outside the Barrel” earned $692,821.42 allowing his designated charity “PBR Rider’s Relief Fund to receive $6,331.31 in his name. Rasmussen’s team consisted of bareback rider, Kasey Field, steer wrestler, Ty Erickson, team roping header, Brandon Beers, heeler, Patrick Smith, saddle bronc rider, Jake Wright, tie-down roper, Cody Ohl, barrel racer, Lisa Lockhart and bull rider, Beau Hill amassed winnings of $692,281.42 with the closest winning team in the league Randy Corley’s $650,985.51. Fellow rodeo clown Justin Rumford’s team ended up last by winning only $384,185.60.

The rules stated that In addition to the money donated by individual players of Pro Fantasy Rodeo, the PFR staff donated $3,000 to the designated charity of the winner of the league. So even though it might have appeared to be all in fun, each celebrity considered it a serious effort to raise money for their favorite charity. All PFR players had the option to donate toward a charity with their name entered in a raffle for a specially-designed leather Rodeo Vegas jacket with all of the proceeds from that raffle donated to the winning charity.

The final caveat of the league was that the celebrity winner had the privilege of designing the tattoo for the celebrity who was the loser of the league. If the loser chose not to get the tattoo, he was committed to donating $1,000 and Pro Fantasy Rodeo matched the $1,000. If he agreed to get the tattoo, Pro Fantasy Rodeo gave $2,000 to his charity. Thus, Rasmussen’s PBR received $3,000 from Pro Fantasy Rodeo plus an additional $3,331 from the Rodeo Vegas jacket proceeds.

After much jesting throughout the week as to who was going to design the worst tattoo for whom, both celebrity winning and losing rodeo clowns were most gracious. Rumford agreed to get the tattoo and Rasmussen, rather than choosing something like the advertised jackass kicking cartoon came up with a classy tattoo.

PFR Charity Tattoo Winner 2

As Rasmussen said, “It shall be noted…I ended up winning the Charity Tattoo League, and NFR barrel man Justin Rumford lost. I went easy on him on the tattoo design…a small clown barrel with 3 stars, to represent his triplets, the NFR logo, and my small initials in the corner. More thrilled that $3000 will be donated to Rider Relief Fund in my name. I think it’s really cool that Pro Fantasy Rodeo has positioned itself in a place to promote and help charities like they did with the “Charity Tattoo League. I’ve played the game before but this year it was fun to be in the charity league. I happened to pick a good team that put me at the top of the league and I also chose a worthy charity. It was great fun to compete with the others, but mostly I was so thrilled that my charity received such a generous amount–from both Pro Fantasy Rodeo and from the rodeo fans that played the game and checked the box to donate toward the charities. It just proves what kind of compassionate people we deal with in rodeo. I thought it was very sporting of Justin to agree to get the tattoo (I wasn’t sure I could have done it had I lost), and I didn’t want to go overboard in designing the tattoo. It will be fun to do this again next year.”

Losing league player, Justin Rumford said, “Even though I lost, I still feel like a winner because my charity received a $2,000 check from Pro Fantasy Rodeo and it was just lots of fun to be in the league and play for a charity. The tattoo Flint designed was special because the three stars symbolize our three little triplet girls who are a little over a year old. The tattoo was a small clown barrel containing the three stars, the NFR logo and Flint’s initials in the corner. The “Charity Tattoo League” is a great concept and I can’t wait to play it again next year. I plan to win it!”

Since its inception into the rodeo world in 2003, Pro Fantasy Rodeo has served as the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association’s official fantasy game and has paid out over 1.4 million in prizes and payouts during the past 12 years. Recently PFR paid out more than $165,000 in cash and prizes from the 2014 December WNFR game. Grand Prize Winner of the Main Game received a 2014 Ram Truck 3500 dually and Daily Game winner won a 2014 Polaris Ranger.

Along with the vision of providing a fantasy game for rodeo enthusiasts, Pro Fantasy Rodeo has been committed to donating a portion of its proceeds to worthy charities which have included Wounded Warriors Project and National Patriots, and a significant amount of money has benefited these charities both from fans who played the game and from the business itself. It is especially appreciative of the 13 celebrities who participated in the “Charity Tattoo League.”

Celebrity league players, their charities, team names and winnings were:

Flint Rasmussen, Rider’s Relief Fund, “Outside the Barrel” – $692,821.42
Randy Corley, Fisher House, “Corleone Cowboy Charity” – $650,985.51
Butch Knowles, Tough Enough to Wear Pink, “The Cow Dogs” – $638.112.88
Wayne Brooks, Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund, “Top Guns!” – $561,337.07
Jeff Medders, Western Wishes, “Team Geronimo” – $498,200.05
Bob Tallman, MD Anderson Pediatric, “Tallman Charity Team” – $492,785.41
Boyd Polhamus, Wounded Warrior Project, “Because Freedom Isn’t Free”, $486,706.66

Ote Berry, Salvation Army-Jesus Helping Hands, Checotah, OK, “Berry Bros 33” – $485,327.47
Donnie Gay, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, “8xShowtime” – $466,478.31
Joe Beaver, Lone Survivor Foundation, “Joe’s Raider Nation” – $458.049.82
Steve Kenyon, Alzheimer’s Foundation, “SteveK and Sage” – $451,562.41
Fred Whitfield, Special Operations Warrior Foundation, “8X” – $390,315.45
Justin Rumford, Brooke’s Blossoming Hope for Childhood Cancer Foundation, Inc. “Rump Shaker Tattoo League” – $384,185.60

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