8 Questions with Stetson Lawrence

PUEBLO, Colo. – Stetson Lawrence chatted with in preparation for the 2016 Built Ford Tough Series.

Tell us about the success you had in 2015 by finishing ninth in the world standings, and what do you see as your biggest accomplishments to date in the PBR?

SL: I set a goal to finish in the Top 10 in 2015, so that was a great feeling to accomplish my major goal for the year. Having success in all the major events played a huge part in me finishing where I was shooting for.  (My biggest accomplishment was being reserve champion & average winner at St. Louis. I rode 4-for-4 that weekend.

What are your goals for 2016 and beyond?

SL: Win the PBR world and continue to stay in the Top 10 on the BFTS.

If you weren’t a bull rider what would you do? 

SL: Be a Team Roper

Your wife Teri-kay is a barrel racer and competes in Canada in the CCA, you’re also a past champion there too. How often do you two get to travel together? You went to Brazil together too before you were married right?

SL: We don’t get much time together except a little in the summer time when I am on break. We try to hit the pro rodeos down south when we can work our schedules together. We have gotten to rodeo together in Brazil & it was by far the coolest rodeo experience together. It’s extremely difficult, but we both get to live our dream, so we try to support each other to never give up.

When you’re not on the road bull riding, what do you do? 

SL: I am a personal truck driver/barn help for my wife to help with her driving and taking care of her barrel horses.

Aaron Roy told us you two only live about two hours apart, talk about growing up in North Dakota and your journey to the PBR?

SL: I grew up high school rodeoing. I started working in the oil field after high school and strived to get better at amateur bull ridings and Touring Pro Division events that were close to home so I could keep my oil field job until F/T Rodeo offered me a major sponsorship to go down the road full-time to make it on tour. Helped having a few buddies that lived close to me to help with all the traveling.

What is your favorite movie, favorite song and favorite type of music to listen to?

SL: “American Sniper;” “Beast” by Rob Bailey; Hip Hop

What is the biggest challenge you face as a bull rider? 

SL: Staying healthy.

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