8 to Glory Let’s Fans Live the Life

By: Kristian Limas
August 31, 2016

8 to Glory features the PBR's best like Tanner Byrne and Jared Allen's Air Time. Screenshot: Rare Labs

8 to Glory features the PBR’s best like Tanner Byrne and Jared Allen’s Air Time. Screenshot: Rare Labs

PUEBLO, Colo.  – It happens around the same time every year. On the cusp of fall, the latest iteration of the Madden NFL video game flies off store shelves and into millions of Xboxes and Playstations around the country. Even the stars of the NFL spend a good month or two obsessing over their new player ratings.

Now, with the help of leading game and software developer Rare Labs, the stars and fans of the PBR have their own game to pour over as 8 to Glory is released to the public.

8 to Glory is available for iOS and Android devices and is free-to-play. The game features over 30 of the PBR’s top athletes, both bovine and human, like Jared Allen’s Air Time, Magic Train, Jess Lockwood and Derek Kolbaba.

“We’ve worked closely with Jared Allen and the team at Rare Labs to create a realistic mobile game featuring our top bull riders and bulls, which allows fans to compete throughout the PBR season,” said PBR CEO Sean Gleason. “8 to Glory is a fun way for PBR fans to connect with our athletes and the sport while competing for bragging rights as the best cyber cowboy.”

Rare Labs worked with some of the top PBR talent to help ensure the game stays true to the cowboy experience as they look to expand the PBR’s fan base.

Developing a realistic new PBR game for mobile devices is actually the brainchild of Jared Allen, founder and head of Jared Allen’s Pro Bull Team.

Allen is no stranger when it comes to making sure a video game gets things right. As a former NFL star, he’s been in more than his fair share of video games. Now retired from the league, Allen and his star-studded Jared Allen Pro Bull team represent some of the best in the PBR.  Therefore, it’s no shock that he insists that any game featuring his bulls be done right.

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The rankest in the business, including Air Time, are featured heavily in 8 to Glory.

8 to Glory is a phenomenal way for professional bull riding to expand its borders,” Allen said.  “The game gives the fans of the PBR, the bulls and the cowboys an interactive way to be more connected. It’s also a cool way to get the younger generation educated and involved in the sport.”

For Lockwood, the PBR’s latest rookie sensation, not many things could match riding on the PBR’s top-flight tour, but seeing himself in a video game certainly comes close.

“Yeah, it’s really cool to think I’m in a video game,” Lockwood said. “I mean that’s just like being in a Madden football game for our sport, so that’s awesome.”

Gamers can play individually or compete against fans around the world. Additionally, they can ride random bulls or purchase digital card packs, which unlock different riders and bulls. Gamers can also buy booster packs that offer upgrades that will help riders conquer the rankest bulls in the business.

As the official bull riding game of the PBR, the roster of 8 to Glory will feature the biggest stars of the PBR, including Kaique Pacheco, Ryan Dirteater, Tanner Byrne, Fabiano Vieira, Joao Ricardo Vieira, Mike Leeand more. The game will not be short of bull power either as more than 30 of the world’s rankest bovines will be on the roster including Asteroid,SweetPro’s Bruiser, SweetPro’s Long John, and After Party. Even legendary bovine athletes like Bushwacker and Chicken on a Chain have come out of retirement for the game.

Additional riders including two-time World Champion J. B. Mauney, Cooper Davis and three-time World Champion Silvano Alves will be added to the game as future downloads.

Following the initial launch, PBR plans to tie the game to the PBR Rewards program, which means fans will be able to earn and win discounts on tickets, merchandise and other special offers.

PBR fans can now fight to make their own 8 seconds of glory and get a taste of what it’s like to ride with the PBR’s best.

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