Alves Recovering from Hip Surgery

BILLINGS, Mont. – Three-time PBR World Champion Silvano Alves underwent surgery on his fractured left hip on Wednesday afternoon in Dallas.

Alves said on Thursday morning that the surgery went well, but he will not be able to put any pressure on his left hip for six to eight weeks before going through an additional two weeks of physical therapy.

“Surgery went very good,” Alves said. “The doctor says for six to eight weeks to keep my foot off the ground. Then maybe two more weeks for physical therapy, and after that maybe I will be able to ride.”

Alves expects to be out for at least two months and the remainder of the Built Ford Tough Series first half.

The 27-year-old was referred to specialist Dr. Alan Jones by Dr. Tandy Freeman on Monday after X-rays found that Alves had a “displaced avulsion fracture of his left hip greater trochanter,” according to Freeman.

Jones is an orthopedic surgeon for Orthopaedic Trauma Associates of North Texas, which is located at the Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas.

According to Alves, Jones inserted three screws into the World Champion’s hip to reattach his muscles, which were 75 percent detached because of the fracture.

Alves has a follow-up appointment in three weeks.

Alves injured the hip when he was hit by Legal Tender following his 3.88-second buckoff in Round 1 of the DeWALT Guaranteed Tough Invitational in Nampa, Idaho.

“The bull hit me during the competition,” Alves said in Nampa. “I try to avoid those situations and I am strong, but yesterday I wasn’t strong enough. It hurt so bad.”

The two months away from bull riding will be the longest amount of time Alves has ever missed in his career. He had competed in 145 consecutive BFTS events before the injury.

Other than a right shoulder injury that didn’t cost him any time last season, Alves has avoided serious injury in the United States throughout his career.

“This is the first time,” he said. “It is part of the sport. Sometimes it happens and this week it was me.”

Alves trails world leader Joao Ricardo Vieira by 786.67 points. He leads the BFTS with a 59.52 percent riding average and is second overall in qualified rides (25). At this time, Alves is unsure of if he compete at summer rodeos in Brazil.

Despite the turn of events since sustaining the injury in Nampa, Idaho, the No. 4 bull rider in the world standings has tried to remain positive throughout the decision-making process, which he admitted was a hard one for he and his family.

“I am feeling better, I will ride tomorrow in Billings,” Alves’ joked when he answered his phone. “I am just happy surgery went good.”

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