Alves Set for Brazil Media Tour

PUEBLO, Colo. – Even in his native country, Silvano Alves is shy and nervous participating in interviews.

The three-time World Champion arrived in Pilar do Sul, Brazil, on Tuesday morning and is beginning a three-day media tour this afternoon.

Alves says he still gets uncomfortable meeting with members of the media even though he will be able to speak his primary language (Portuguese).

“I am still shy and I am not comfortable doing media,” Alves said with the help of translator Miriaham Contreras. “It is easier because I can speak the language, but it is just as hard as here (United States).”

It is the latest international trip for Alves, who competed in Australia last month at the four PBR Australia Cup Series events. The 27-year-old won the Caboolture Invitational event and placed fourth at the Troy Dunn Invitational.

Along with getting a head start on 2015, he added that going snorkeling and seeing koalas and kangaroos were some of the highlights of the trip for him and his wife, Evelin.

“I am just very happy and excited,” Alves said. “Everything is going great for me right now. I was very happy to go to Australia and I did really good over there. I fell off one bull and covered all of the other ones. I did really good and won money and points toward 2015.”

Alves said he is unsure how the new points system is going to play out in 2015, but is focused on remaining committed to riding all of his bulls – he has ridden the most bulls on the BFTS in each of the past four seasons and has a career riding average of 63.92 percent.

“I am going to see in 2015 and see what happens as it comes,” Alves said. “Same thing, nothing is really going to change. To me, I still have to do my job. Everyone is the same. Everyone has to get on their bull, cover their bull and stay on their bull. It is still the same job and that is what I am going to do. Hopefully, God willing, then I will win again.

“We won’t know until that Sunday and the last day of Finals. As long as I am healthy and I am riding, that is all that matters.”

In between his two international appearances, Alves has been able to spend time with his father and mother in Decatur, Texas. His parents watched the Alves’ children, Hanyelle and Eduardo, while Silvano and Evelin were in Australia.

Silvano spent time with his father roping on the ranch and took his mother on a small shopping spree in the Fort Worth, Texas, area when he returned from Australia.

“They are very supportive (of my bull riding) now,” Silvano said. “Not that they didn’t like it at the beginning, they were very supportive, but told me I should do something else because it is so dangerous. Once they saw I wanted to do it and I kept going at it, they kind of let me.”

It is the first time Silvano’s parents have visited the U.S. since he won his first world title in 2011.

Alves also spent time with fellow BFTS riders Guilherme Marchi and Valdiron de Oliveira last week team roping.

Alves returns to the U.S. on early Friday morning and will have four weeks to rest and prepare for the Built Ford Tough Series season-opener in Baltimore on Jan. 2. He doesn’t plan on attending any other Touring Pro Division events and will get on a few practice bulls before the start of the New Year.

“I am just hoping to stay healthy and start 2015 on a healthy note,” Alves said.

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