Behind the Chutes: Biloxi, Day 2

BILOXI, Miss. – Here are three things we learned from the Built Ford Tough Series Battle at the Beau on Saturday night at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum.


J.W. Harris knew on Saturday night that if he was bucked off by King Buck he never would have heard the end of it from CBS Sports Network commentator J.W. Hart.

Hart had ridden King Buck for 88.5 points to tie with Chris Shivers for the Unfinished Business pay-per-view victory in May and was intently watching Harris in the second round.

Well, Harris did nothing but try and replicate Hart’s success by covering the bovine athlete for 88.25 points to win Round 2 and earn 100 points toward the world standings.

“Yeah, I couldn’t fall off of him, especially with J.W. riding him and stuff,” Harris said. “He is kind of like one of them pressure bulls, you can’t fall of him because I would never hear the end of it.”

Harris, who switched to an old bull rope after having his hand pop out of his rope on Friday night, knew when he saw the draw for the second round that he had a good chance at taking home his fourth BFTS round victory of the season.

“That is the one everybody wants and I was tickled,” added the four-time PRCA champion. “I had always wanted to get on him and shoot I was excited. He just has all of the timing in the world and he is up under himself and all you have to do is not let prosperity get you.”

Harris had no luck against Little Red Jacket in the Built Ford Tough Championship Round and was bucked off in 4.27 seconds to finish the event in fourth place with 145 points. He earned 45 points for placing sixth in the event average.

Little Red Jacket (45.25 points) tied with Percolator for the high-marked bull of the weekend.

The 29-year-old moves back into the Top 10 of the world standings from 11th to ninth.

Fabiano Vieira (87.25 points on Buckle Up),  J.B. Mauney (87.25 points on Little Bighorn), Ryan Dirteater (86 points on Missouri Boat Ride) and Kaique Pacheco (86 points on Nefarious) rounded out the Top 5 in Round 2.


J.B. Mauney was a man on a mission before the summer break with three consecutive Top-3 finishes and he kicked off the stretch run of the 2015 BFTS by going 3-for-3 to win the Battle at the Beau.

Mauney clinched the victory by riding Percolator for 92 points in the championship round after tying Fabiano Vieira for second place in Round 2 with an 87.25-point ride on Little Bighorn.

The 2013 World Champion was almost caught out of position by Jeff Robinson’s bull before he was able to readjust and pick up the 57th 90-point ride of his career, which ranks third all time in PBR history.

“I knew if I did what I was supposed to do it would be game over,” Mauney said. “I about let him beat me around the corner and I kind of got my hips to the outside. That bull, if you stay square with him he rides like a dream, but if you get a little behind him he will put it to you. That is why I was really whipping on him and trying to get my butt back where it needed to be. Luckily, he hung long enough in the air where I could just move it back over and once I got set back there I felt good.”

Mauney earned a season-high 595 points toward the world standings with the victory and jumped ahead of Matt Triplett (0-for-2) for second in the world. Mauney gained 555 points on Joao Ricardo Vieira (1-for-3) and trails the world leader by 797.5 points.

The 2013 World Champion said he isn’t paying much attention to the world standings, but he certainly has every intention of finishing the season on top.

“I want to win,” Mauney said. “That is the plan. Win everything. Win bull ridings. Win the world. I want to do it all.”

It was a tough start to the second half for Joao Ricardo Vieira.

The 31-year-old finished 11th in the event and earned just 40 points toward the world standings. Vieira was bucked off by War Party (2.33 seconds) in Round 2 and Cowboy’s Dance Hall’s Panda Trax (4.25 seconds) in the championship round.

Fabiano Vieira made Mauney earn the victory with a ride on Percolator after he rode Walk Off for 89.25 points on the second to final ride of the weekend.

Vieira finished second in the event and moves into 10th place in the world standings with the 355 points he earned.

Rounding out the Top 5 in Biloxi was Aaron Roy (230 points), Harris (145 points) and Nathan Schaper (120 points).


Tyler Harr capped off his last-minute opportunity to compete in Biloxi with a sixth-place finish and 115 points toward the world standings.

Harr turned down a re-ride option after riding Snap Back for 74.75 points in Round 2 and the decision helped him earn 65 of his 115 points with a fifth-place finish in the event average.

The 25-year-old admitted after the event he was frustrated he let an opportunity slip away in the championship round after bucking off Shaft in 2.5 seconds, but he was still hopeful that he had done enough to earn an opportunity to stay on the BFTS for another week.

Harr jumped from 39th in the world to 35th this weekend.

“I was disappointed I didn’t finish the way I wanted to, but it gave me some much needed money for finances and stuff. I can pay a couple of people back and hopefully it will get me enough points so I can go to Tulsa next weekend. I want to get here and be comfortable for once. I am tired of bouncing back and forth. I am going to make the most of every opportunity I got.”

Fellow bubble riders Douglas Duncan and Justin Paton were able to put together one qualified ride apiece in Biloxi, but they only walked away with 10 points toward the standings.

Duncan, the 37th ranked rider in the world, rode Wasted Wages for 85.25 points, while Paton, the 39th ranked rider in the world, conquered Past Time for 84 points.

Neither rider could come through with a qualified ride in the championship round.

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