BFO Bullfights Return to Lewiston

Bullfighters Only will have a 15-man stand-alone event to benefit Roundup

Nathan Harp competes at the Bullfighters Only Roughy Cup this past December. The BFO will have a 15-man stand-alone freestyle bullfight in Lewiston, Idaho, on May 20. (TODD BREWER PHOTO)

LEWISTON, Idaho – Because Bullfighters Only at the Lewiston Roundup was such a big hit last year, the rodeo’s organizers are taking it a step further in 2017.

“There was an abundance of people who loved it and wanted more of it,” said Kirby Meshishnek, one of the directors of the Lewiston Roundup. “We’re always looking for ways to better serve the community and to bring in more money to benefit our rodeo.”

Now they’re looking to Bullfighters Only help toward the bottom line while putting on a show that has had people talking for more than five months. The Lewiston Roundup Association donates thousands of dollars to charities in the quad cities region each year.

“It was a hit on social media, and we’ve just had so many people talking about it,” he said. “This is a great opportunity to put on such a prestigious stand-alone bullfight with Bullfighters Only. They put on an awesome show.”

They certainly did last year. On opening night, the 12X & Costa fighting bull called Spitfire beat up Ross Johnson during their fight, but that wasn’t the only time a bullfighter took a hit.

“There are people that want to see wrecks, and with the Bullfighters Only, there are plenty of them,” Meshishnek said. “Everybody loves to watch a big wreck. During Roundup, a couple guys got hooked. On Saturday, Ross Hill tried to do a selfie with his phone and got plowed by the bull.”

It’s enough incentive for Roundup directors to reach out to the BFO again. The stand-alone event will feature the world’s top 15 freestyle bullfighters battling for $25,000 in prize money. They will compete in five three-man brackets, with the five winners advancing to the championship round. The bullfighter that produces the highest-scoring bout in the final round will be crowned the BFO Lewiston champion.

With scores based on a 100-point scale, men can earn up to 50 points per fight based on their ability to exhibit control and style while maneuvering around or over an animal; a bull can earn up to 50 points based on its quickness, aggression and willingness to stay with the bullfighter.

Bullfighters Only is a true man-vs.-beast spectacular. Spitfire will once again be part of the draw – one of many revered 12X & Costa Fighting Bulls that will be on hand in Lewiston.

“To me, it was a no-brainer to bring the BFO back,” Meshishnek said. “It’s a wild, action sport. I believe it’s brought a new excitement to our rodeo and our town.”

Tickets are just $15 and can be purchased at

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