BFO is Ready to Rock Decatur

Bullfighters Only Cavender’s Cup will feature a full evening of action

Coming off his victory in Lewiston, Idaho, Dusty Tuckness will compete this Friday at the Bullfighters Only Cavender’s Cup presented by Bodyguard Truck Accessories on Friday in Decatur, Texas. (TODD BREWER PHOTO)

DECATUR, Texas – The action is intense and magnificent, but that’s exactly what the men expect when they are part of Bullfighters Only.

Fifteen men will stare danger in the eyes as part of the Bullfighters Only Cavender’s Cup 2017 presented by Bodyguard Truck Accessories, set for 8 p.m. Friday, June 2, at the Wise County Fairgrounds. That’s what freestyle bullfighting is about, athletic men challenging their fears and testing their skills one-on-one with a Spanish fighting bull that is bred for this type of bout.

Each fight is fast-paced and aggressive. The bullfighters use their natural instincts and tremendous athleticism to get as close as possible to the charging animals, their pointed horns and their pounding hooves.

The BFO Cavender’s Cup will feature the world’s top 15 freestyle bullfighters battling for $25,000 in prize money. They will compete in five three-man brackets, with the five winners advancing to the championship round. The bullfighter that produces the highest-scoring bout in the final round will be crowned the BFO Decatur champion.

With scores based on a 100-point scale, men can earn up to 50 points per fight based on their ability to exhibit control and style while maneuvering around or over an animal; a bull can earn up to 50 points based on its quickness, aggression and willingness to stay with the bullfighter.

Just two weeks ago, Dusty Tuckness posted a BFO-best 94.5-point score to win the stand-alone event in Lewiston, Idaho. He’ll be one of the men in the field that features reigning world champion Weston Rutkowski and a number of the top young guns in the game: Zach Call, Schell Apple and Beau Schueth.

But they account for just one-third of the bullfighters in the mix that also will feature legend Lance Brittan, the 1999 world champion. It’s a mixture of rising stars and proven talent, and it’s what makes the event such a spectacular showcase.

“It’s a two-hour, action-packed event where you have 15 of the best bullfighters of the world,” said Rutkowski of Haskell, Texas. “These televised, stand-alone events make bullfighting so much bigger.

“There’s always a chance to see some big-time wrecks,” Rutkowski said. “That’s the good thing about events like this, because you get the top-quality guys. You’re going to have to step up out there and risk it all in order to win.”

The fast-paced Bullfighters Only action is a true man-vs.-beast spectacular.

Weston Rutkowski
Noah Krepps
Beau Schueth
Dusty Tuckness
Lance Brittan
Toby Inman
Zach Call
Schell Apple
Cody Greer
Tate Rhoads
Ely Sharkey
Tanner Zarnetski
Jim Essary
Jon Roberts
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