Brazile Dominant on First Night of NFSR

MULVANE, Kan. – Legendary cowboy Trevor Brazile put on a clinic Friday night during the first five rounds at the Clem McSpadden National Finals Steer Roping at the Kansas Star Arena.

Brazile won Round 1 and finished second in Rounds 2, 3 and 5 to grab the lead in the average with a 54.2-second time on five head. Brazile has a 6.4-second lead in the average over J.P. Wickett.

“It was great,” Brazile said of opening night at the 2014 NFSR. “I did a roping school last month (in Decatur, Texas) and when you have to go over mental prep and fundamentals that really helped me in situations like tonight.”

Brazile won $18,173 Friday, and upped his season-leading total to $87,008. Chet Herren is second in the world standings with $67,910, but is out of the average race as he had three no times Friday.

Brazile has won a PRCA all-time record 19 gold buckles, including four in steer roping in 2006-2007, 2011 and 2013. Still, the Decatur, Texas cowboy isn’t making any guarantees for Saturday.

“(Saturday) is just the same deal, basics and fundamentals,” Brazile said. “I’m not going to think about anything else other than that. I just want to win as much money as I can for several reasons, one being the championship here.”

The second and final performance of the 2014 NFSR will start at 7:30 p.m. (CT) Nov. 8. This is the first year the NFSR is being held at the Kansas Star Arena. The first NFSR was held in 1959 in Clayton, N.M.

“This is Kansas’ best-kept secret,” Brazile said. “This is an awesome place. A casino, restaurants, a great hotel and a world-class arena under one roof. This is a roping fan’s paradise, as well as a roper’s paradise.”

Brazile didn’t waste any time in making a statement, as he won Round 1 with a 9.8-second time and collected $5,331. Herren, who came to Mulvane second in the season standings at $67,910 received a no time in Round 1.

Brazile had a 9.9-second time in Round 2 to finish second in the round and collect another $4,281. Scott Snedecor, a two-time world steer roping champion (2005 and 2008), won Round 2 in 9.1 seconds. Snedecor also won Round 3 with an 11.0-second time and Brazile was once again second.

After three rounds, Brazile and Snedecor were tied for the average lead at 31.2 seconds. Snedecor, however, had a no time in Round 4 after his steer jumped up, and Brazile went on to finish second in Round 5 with a 10.3-second effort, just behind winner Mike Chase (10.2).

A big key for Brazile Friday was his gray horse, Barney.

“He was phenomenal and he has really come into his own,” Brazile said of his 16-year-old horse. “I used him last year at this event (the NFSR). Chance Kelton and I rode him in the last few rounds.”

J.P. Wickett is second in the average after five rounds with 60.6 seconds on five head. Chase is third with 61.7 seconds on five.

“It was all right,” Wickett said. “We tried to rope what they drew us and get along as good as we could. This deal can fall apart at any time. I’ve had good first nights before, and we’re going to try and have a good second night and maybe get it put together.”

Courtesy of PRCA