BREAKING: Mick E Mouse out eight to 12 weeks

By: Keith Ryan Cartwright March 03, 2014@ 07:30:00 PM

Mick E Mouse bucks off Joao Ricardo Vieira during the Dr Pepper Iron Cowboy V. Photo by Andy Watson /

FORT WORTH, Texas ― According to owner Marlene Henry, Mick E Mousewill be out of competition for the next eight to 12 weeks. In a text message Henry wrote, “He has a broken bone in his (right) hip. It will heal, just will take time.”

Henry and PBR stock contractor and veteran bull man Kevin Loudamy, who is flanking and hauling the bull on behalf of Henry, hauled him to a large animal veterinarian in Kilgore, Texas. The facility is located just east of Tyler.

Although Henry works at a similar facility down in Huntsville, which is located just outside of Houston, she elected to haul him to a location closer to Loudamy’s ranch in Brownsville for a thorough examination.

Henry had originally hoped to have Mick E Mouse examined first thing this morning. However, according to an earlier message, she indicated the typical two-hour drive took in upwards of eight hours because of unseasonable winter weather in north and east Texas.

She added, “No muscles thrown loose and that is a great thing.”

The injury is believed to have happened Saturday night in the final round of the Dr Pepper Iron Cowboy V.

Mick E Mouse was matched up with Joao Ricardo Vieira and hipped himself hard against the fence post on his way out of the gate.

Henry said she won’t buck him until he’s 100 percent healthy.

“Whatever I have to do,” she said Sunday afternoon after pulling him from THE AMERICAN draw; where he was projected to be compete in the long round. “I’m not taking any chances. It’s not worth it.”

Mick E Mouse and other bulls competing in THE AMERICAN spent Saturday night in their pens at AT&T Stadium.

Sunday morning, Henry, who has raised the bull since he was a calf and bottle-fed his mother since she too was a calf, said she noticed him shifting his weight from one side to the other.

She noted that he had never done that before.

Hoping it was no more than soreness and discomfort, Mick E Mouse was initially examined by renowned vet Dr. Gary Warner, who advised Henry to have further examined at a proper facility.

No further information is available at this time.

Mick E Mouse remains unridden since making his Built Ford Tough Series debut nearly two years ago at a May event in Pueblo, Colo. He is a perfect 22-0 at BFTS events and 26-0 overall, including four Touring Pro Division events.

He is 4-0 this season and hasn’t had a rider on his back for more than 3.25 seconds in becoming a much-talked about, early-season favorite as a World Champion Bull contender.

In two of his past three outs, including Saturday night, Mick E Mouse has been marked at least 46 points and four times in his career he’s been 46 points or better. In 11 of his past 16 outs at BFTS events, he’s been marked 45 points or better.

According to, Mick E Mouse is statistically similar toStone Sober and I’m a Gangster Too—two other championship round-caliber bulls.

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