Byrne Wins 2015 PBR Canada Championship

SASKATOON, Saskatchewan – For Tanner Byrne, his mind is set on a World Championship. On the road to that world title is his first PBR Canada Championship.

That dream came true on Saturday night at the Sasktel Centre.

“If you want to win the world, you should be able to win in your home country first,” Byrne said.

Byrne, who finished in the No. 8 spot in the PBR’s world standings, clinched his first PBR Canadian Championship on Saturday night in his home province.

“I came in hoping I would get lucky and everyone else would do poorly,” Byrne laughed.

The 23 year-old went 2-for-3 at the 2015 Dakota Dunes Casino PBR Canada Finals this weekend to finish ninth overall and strap on the buckle.

“It’s a huge honor to be a PBR Canada Champion,” Byrne said proudly.

The Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, bull rider won his first national title in what was his cousin, bull fighter Scott Byrne’s, final performance in the arena.

“To win this title in front of my cousin Scott Byrne, it means more than anything,” Tanner said.

Tanner contributes his success to dedication and consistency.

“I devoted my time to being strictly a PBR guy,” Byrne said. “I’m not flashy, I don’t get huge scores, but I get more scores than almost anybody.”

Being a member of Jared Allen’s Pro Bull Team has also been a huge asset.

“Having the support of a major athlete like Jared and having Michael Gaffney as a coach and having him (call) me to tell me I did this right or this wrong has been a world of help,” Byrne told.

Byrne’s life changes drastically next year, yet his sights remain the same.

“My focus on 2016 is winning a world title and helping my wife with the things that come with being a new mother,” Byrne said.


Brady Oleson of Blackfoot, Idaho, went 3-for-3 to earn the PBR Canada Finals event title, $10,640 and a new belt buckle.

Fabian Dueck finished second overall, also riding all three of his bulls to earn over $7,000.

2013 PBR Canada Champion Zane Lambert put up the highest score of the weekend at 89.5 points on Come Closer in the championship round to finish third at the event.

Round 1 winner Jordan Hansen was fourth overall after riding Bull of the Year Minion Stuart for 86.5 points. He finished 2-for-3 (173 points) and won nearly $5,000.

Rounding out the Top-5 was Jared Parsonage (2-for-3, 169.5 points). Parsonage took Smoke Show to a score of 87 points in the championship round.

Hey Jack from PBR Canada Stock Contractor of the Year Wild Hoggs Bucking Bulls won the Bull of the Finals with a buck off against Scott Schiffner in the championship round.

The following are the official results from the 2015 PBR Canadian Finals at the Sasktel Centre on Nov. 20-21.

Round 1: 1. Jordan Hansen on Flying High Rodeo Co.’s 076 Last Wish, 86.5 points, $1,600; 2. (tie) Aaron Roy and Cawl Braithwaite, 84.5, $1,000 each; 4. (tie) Dakota Buttar and Brady Oleson, 84, $200 each; 6. Jared Parsonage, 82.5; 7. Dakota Louis, 82; 8. Scott Schiffner, 81.5; 9. Beau Brooks, 81; 10. Tim Lipsett, 80.5; 11. Fabian Dueck, 79; 12. (tie) Cody Coverchuk and Tanner Byrne, 77; no other qualified rides.

Round 2: 1. (tie) Brady Oleson on Flying High Rodeo Co.’s X232 I’m A Thug, Stetson Lawrence on Outlaw Buckers’ 108 Clouds in My Coffee and Bryan Titman on Wild Hoggs’ 818 Morning Breath, 85.5 points, $1,200 each; 4. (tie) Zane Lambert and Tanner Byrne, 85, $600 each; 6. Fabian Dueck, 83; 7. (tie) Beau Brooks and Nathan Schaper, 82.5; 9. Scott Schiffner, 82; 10. Aaron Roy, 81.5; 11. Wacey Finkbeiner, 80.5; 12. Devon Mezei, 73; no other qualified rides.

Finals: 1. Zane Lambert on Outlaw Bucker’s OLS Tubs Come Closer, 89.5 points, $1,600; 2. Jared Parsonage, 87, $1,200; 3. (tie) Jordan Hansen and Fabian Dueck, 86.5, $600 each; 5. Brady Oleson, 85.5; no other qualified rides.

Aggregate and total money won: 1. Brady Oleson, 255 points on three bulls, $10,640; 2. Fabian Dueck, 248.5, $7,040; 3. Zane Lambert, 174.5 on two bulls, $5,440; 4. Jordan Hansen, 173, $4,720; 5. Jared Parsonage, 169.5, $3,160; 6. Aaron Roy, 166, $2,400; 7. (tie) Beau Brooks and Scott Schiffner, 163.5, $980 each; 9. Tanner Byrne, 162, $760; 10. (tie) Stetson Lawrence and Bryan Titman, 85.5 points on one bull, $1,340 each; 12. Cawl Braithwaite, 84.5, $1,000; 13. Dakota Buttar, 84, $200.

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