College National Finals Rodeo

College National Finals Rodeo 2014
June 15 – 21
Casper, Wyoming


CNFR 2014
Men’s All-Around – Final
As of June 21, 2014 8:41 PM MDT
Rank Num Name School Name Points
1. 247 Schuelke, Taygen K. Sheridan College 415.0
2. 239 Brown, Billy Bob Tarleton State University 320.0
3. 053 Adcock, Clark L. University of Tennessee-Martin 270.0
4. 291 Hansen, Clayton J. Blue Mountain Community College 185.0
5. 065 Adams, Brody Colorado Northwestern Com Coll 155.0
6. 056 Lummus, Will F. University of Tennessee-Martin 120.0
7. 292 Hansen, Chase M. Blue Mountain Community College 105.0
8. 294 Parke, Jared J. Blue Mountain Community College 75.0
9. 327 Morman, Cameron J. Dickinson State University 55.0
CNFR 2014
Women’s All-Around – Final
As of June 21, 2014 8:41 PM MDT
Rank Num Name School Name Points
1. 140 Fuller, Macy M. Central Arizona College 555.0
2. 015 Walker, Jacalyn M. Utah Valley University 300.0
3. 232 Spitz, Shay L. South Plains College 235.0
4. 166 Diez, Georgia R. Cochise College 175.0
5. 022 Kennemer, Kelsey B. Troy University 90.0
6. 089 Miller, Emily R. Southwestern Oklahoma State University 90.0
7. 236 Weger, Keely J. Eastern New Mexico University 55.0
8. 080 Moyer, Kaylee M. Southwestern Oklahoma State University 40.0

CNFR 2014
Men’s Teams – Interim
As of June 21, 2014 8:41 PM MDT
Rank School Name Points
1. UTNM University of Tennessee-Martin 755.0
2. TARLET Tarleton State University 730.0
3. PANHDL Panhandle State University 710.0
4. SHERID Sheridan College 690.0
5. MTSU Montana State University 465.0
6. SWOKSU Southwestern Oklahoma State University 430.0
7. ODESSA Odessa College 415.0
8. BLUE Blue Mountain Community College 400.0
9. WHARTN Wharton Cnty Junior Coll 375.0
10. COSSAT Cossatot Community College 370.0
11. FEATHR Feather River College 355.0
12. CAPSLO Cal Poly State University – San Luis Obispo 295.0
13. CONWCC Colorado Northwestern Com Coll 290.0
14. WTXC Western Texas College 285.0
15. ENMU Eastern New Mexico University 280.0
16. MVC Missouri Valley College 275.0
17. LASSEN Lassen College 270.0
18. GILLET Gillette College 265.0
19. HILL Hill College 260.0
20. MCNSU McNeese State University 240.0
21. NMSU New Mexico State University 210.0
22. NWOKSU Northwestern Oklahoma State University 200.0
23. UWY University of Wyoming 200.0
24. NWC Northwest College 197.5
25. SAMSU Sam Houston State University 185.0
26. COSU Colorado State University 180.0
27. NEJC Northeastern Junior Coll 165.0
28. EMSCC East Mississippi Community College 160.0
29. CASPER Casper College 155.0
30. KSSU Kansas State University 140.0
31. WOKSC Western Oklahoma State College 140.0
32. DICKSN Dickinson State University 135.0
33. COFFEY Coffeyville Community College 115.0
34. OKSU Oklahoma State University 115.0
35. CSID College of Southern Idaho 105.0
36. SARU Southern Arkansas University 100.0
37. TXAMU Texas A&M University 92.5
38. FRESNO California State University-Fresno 85.0
39. TXAMUC Texas A&M University – Commerce 85.0
40. EWYC Eastern Wyoming College 80.0
41. TROY Troy University 80.0
42. WEATHR Weatherford College 80.0
43. MESACC Mesalands Community College 75.0
44. HOWARD Howard County Junior College 70.0
45. WEBER Weber State University 70.0
46. NMJC New Mexico Junior College 55.0
47. WTXAMU West Texas A&M Univ 55.0
48. NMHIGH New Mexico Highlands University 45.0
49. UMTW University of Montana, Western 45.0
50. COCHSE Cochise College 35.0
51. SDSU South Dakota St Univ 35.0
52. UNE University of Nebraska-Lincoln 35.0
53. WWCC Walla Walla Community College 35.0
54. CAZC Central Arizona College 15.0
55. IACCC Iowa Central Comm Coll 10.0
56. TXTUL Texas Tech University-Lubbock 10.0
CNFR 2014
Women’s Teams – Interim
As of June 21, 2014 8:41 PM MDT
Rank School Name Points
1. CAZC Central Arizona College 635.0
2. CHADRN Chadron State College 472.5
3. ENMU Eastern New Mexico University 420.0
4. COCHSE Cochise College 358.3
5. GILLET Gillette College 345.0
6. IDSU Idaho State University 335.0
7. UVU Utah Valley University 300.0
8. NWOKSU Northwestern Oklahoma State University 297.5
9. BLUE Blue Mountain Community College 290.0
10. SPLNS South Plains College 235.0
11. SARU Southern Arkansas University 180.0
12. MCNSU McNeese State University 160.0
13. MTSU Montana State University 130.0
14. NMHIGH New Mexico Highlands University 130.0
15. SWOKSU Southwestern Oklahoma State University 130.0
16. TARLET Tarleton State University 112.5
17. UNE University of Nebraska-Lincoln 105.0
18. TROY Troy University 90.0
19. EWAU Eastern Washington University 80.0
20. NEOKAM Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College 80.0
21. SWTXJC Southwest Texas Junior College 75.0
22. CASPER Casper College 45.0
23. WHILLS West Hills College 45.0
24. SDSU South Dakota St Univ 42.5
25. MILES Miles Community College 40.0
26. CAPSLO Cal Poly State University – San Luis Obispo 22.5
27. CWYC Central Wyoming College 20.0
28. TXAMU Texas A&M University 20.0
29. MVC Missouri Valley College 17.5
30. SAMSU Sam Houston State University 10.0
31. FEATHR Feather River College 3.3





Vold is Gold

By Wrangler Network contributor, Charlie Coon

The name is synonymous with ProRodeo. Vold. The Harry Vold Rodeo Co. based in Colorado is contracted to handle animals at the rough stock chutes end of the College National Finals Rodeo arena in the Casper Events Center and the Vold in charge is Kirsten. She is a woman who wears a coat of many colors.

“I love variety,” says Kirsten. She is as comfortable in a swanky New York City hotel or dressed to the nines in Vegas as she is directing traffic behind-the-scenes at the CNFR where slack competition and a special event last Sunday presented many challenges due to sheer numbers and limited space. The first three days of competition ran from four to eight hours in duration.

Vold’s resume includes consulting for Columbia Records and the PRCA. Last year she spent time working in Texas oil fields. As for being a woman in the male-dominated world of rodeo, particularly the job of chute boss, Kirsten doesn’t consider gender important. “I don’t care if you’re a woman or a man, short or tall, none of that matters. It’s how you handle yourself, being someone worthy of trust.”

It is not easy to follow in the footsteps of a legend. Harry Vold has been inducted into the Hall of Fame of at least nine rodeo organizations including the ProRodeo Hall of Fame. He is 90-years-old and now uses a cane to keep steady on his feet. Harry attended the CNFR for a few days and then drove to Santa Fe, N.M. to handle oversight of the rodeo there. Kirsten manages the bulk of the business now. She does so with Harry’s blessing and his key tenets in daily play:



Ragin’ Taygen

By Wrangler Network contributor, Charlie Coon

He is far from raging in personality – more the ‘speak softly and carry a big rope’ type. Yet, so far at the 2014 College National Finals Rodeo (CNFR), Taygen Schuelke leads the pack. It is still early but the Sheridan College bull and bronc rider is 100 points ahead of the nearest competitor for the coveted “All-Around Cowboy” title. The 21-year-old is a rookie in the ProRodeo ranks. He’s covered all four of his livestock matches for good scores. Sheridan College, located in Wyoming, is the #1 men’s team thus far at the CNFR’s in Casper, Wyo., in large part due to Schuelke’s work.

We caught his second round rides at the Monday slack and spent a short time chatting with the smiling cowboy afterward:

Taygen Schuelke has amassed 220 points at the CNFR. Tarleton State University’s Billy Bob Brown is at 120 which he gained in team and tie down roping. Brown won CNFR all-around honors last year.

‘Travels with Charlie’ is a series of features by Charlie Coon produced exclusively for the Wrangler Network. Using the penname Curtis Scott, Mr. Coon has provided stories for the past 20 years to such outlets as The History Channel Magazine, American Heritage and the Denver Post. He is based in Cheyenne, Wyo., where he serves as coordinator for the state of Wyoming’s cowboy marketing program. Coon and cameraman Mike McCrimmon put together news, sports, and human interest features on a semi-regular basis for TV stations in Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota.