For the Record: Dodge City Roundup

Since its inception in 1977, many stunning rides have been made at the Dodge City (Kan.) Roundup – but only the best make the arena record book.

This year’s competitors have until Sunday to make their mark in history by topping one of Dodge City’s best rides.

Trevor Brazile set the Dodge City record for most money won in the all-around in 2005 with $9,944.

Bareback rider Jason Jeter set two arena records in 2004, first with his 91-point ride, which contributed to setting the two-head average record with 174 points.

Steer wrestler Dean Gorsuch set the Dodge City record for fastest time in 2012 at 3.2 seconds, then Bray Armes nailed a 3.2 the following year. Meanwhile, the three-head average record was set by Ronnie Fields with 11.3 seconds in 2003, and the two-head average of 8.3 seconds was set by Rick Bradley in 1996.

Team ropers Jake Barnes and Boogie Ray set the arena record of 4.1 seconds in 2003. The three-head average record of 15.2 seconds was set by Jake Cooper and Matt Garza in 2011.

Saddle bronc rider Isaac Diaz set the arena record in 2015 with his 93-point ride. Meanwhile, the two-head average record is held by Cody Wright who went for 175 points in 2013.

Tie-down roper Trevor Brazile set the arena record in 2005 with his 6.9-second run. The two-head average record of 16.8 seconds was set by Jerome Schneeberger in 1997 and the three-head average record of 24.4 seconds was set by Cash Myers in 2007.

Barrel racer Lanita Powers has held the arena record for 20 years with her 1997 time of 15.59 seconds. Meanwhile, the two-run average record of 31.64 seconds was set by Kristie Peterson that same year. Ten years later, Sheri Sinor-Estrada clocked in at 48.68 seconds on three runs in 2007.

Steer roper Guy Allen set two arena records back to back, first in 2000 with his 8.4-second run, then in 2001 when he clocked in at 28.6 seconds on three head.

Bull riding’s competition was stiff in 2013 as three records were set. First, Clayton Foltyn nailed a 94-point ride, which contributed to his 180 points on two-head record, then Trevor Kastner also scored 180 points on two head.

Dodge City’s record for highest payout was set in 2016 with $326,543.

Courtesy of PRCA