Friday, April 15, 2016 – Results from Barrel Racing Slack, 95th Annual Red Bluff Round-Up

1st Go Round Winners

1. Sarah Rose McDonald, Brunswick, Ga. 17.26 seconds; 2. Taylor Langdon, Aubrey, Texas 17.35; 3. Carley Richardson, Pampa, Texas 17.42; 4. Kimmie Wall, Roosevelt, Utah 17.55; 5. Kristel Ising, Livermore, Calif. 17.65; 6. Brenda Mays, Terrebonne, Ore. 17.70; 7. (tie) Rachel Dice, Livermore, Calif., Tyra Kane, Dublin, Texas, and Trula Churchill, Valentine, Neb. 17.71 each; 10. Stevi Hillman, Weatherford, Texas 17.72.

All results are unofficial. The first performance of the Red Bluff Round-Up is tonight at 7 pm, with performances tomorrow at 2:30 pm and Sunday at 1:30 pm.

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