Harr Victorious at BlueDEF Velocity Tour Event in Reno

PUEBLO, Colo. – Tyler Harr (Hazen, Arkansas) was the only rider to make two qualified rides as he walked away with the win at the Professional Bull Riders BlueDEF Velocity Tour (BDVT) event in Reno, Nevada, on Jan. 17.

Harr tallied a ride score of 82.5 points, before notching an 84.5-point score on Bird Creek (Mann Creek Buck N Bulls) in the championship round. Harr then watched the next eight riders fail to secure a qualified ride, resulting in him remaining in the top spot.

The victory is Harr’s first BDVT win since his title in Minneapolis in September 2014. With this first place finish, he earned 80 points towards the PBR world standings and walked away with $7,900.

Robson Aragao (Aracaju Sergipe, Brazil) turned in the highest-marked ride of the event with his 87-point ride in Round 1. After failing to record a qualified ride in the championship round, earning 50 world standings points.

With an 86.5-point ride, Cooper Davis (Jasper, Texas) captured third place.

Brant Atwood (Pampa, Texas), Austin Meier (Kinta, Oklahoma), Bobby Roberts (Visalia, California) and Wallace Oliveira (Goiania, GO, Brazil) rounded out the top-six.

The BlueDEF Velocity Tour will continue this weekend with two different events on tap in Michigan. First up will be the BDVT Battle Creek on Jan. 22-23 with Atwood, Neil Holmes (Houston, Texas) and Davis in the line-up. Then on Saturday, Jan. 24, the BDVT moves to Detroit where Harr, Brian Canter (Randleman, North Carolina), and Venn Johns (Bixby, Oklahoma) will highlight some of the competitors.

Winners of each 2015 BDVT will be guaranteed a minimum of one opportunity to compete at a Built Ford Tough Series regular season event in an attempt to win enough points to rank among the Top 35 and earn a spot on the elite tour. With his win, Harr has earned a chance to compete at the Anaheim Invitational in Anaheim, California, on Feb. 6-8.

On the Touring Pro Division schedule, in Pueblo, Colorado, at the Colorado State Fair Grounds on Jan. 15, Alexandre Cardozo (Indaiatuba SP, Brazil) picked up the victory with a total ride score of 173.5. He was one of only two riders to ride both of his bulls. Valdiron de Oliveira (Aparecida de Goiania, GO, Brazil) was the other rider with two rides, finishing with a ride score of 168.5 for second place.

Cardozo earned 60 points toward the PBR world standings and took home $5,912.98. Oliveira picked up 30 world standings points along with $4,208.55.

In third place was Cody Tyler White (Talala, Oklahoma) with a ride score of 86 total points as he earned 20 world standings points and took home $2,381.06. In fourth place was Zac Peterson (Velva, North Dakota) with an 84-point ride score and 15 world standings points. Fifth and sixth places were won by Davis (Jasper, Texas) and Renato Nunes (Buritama, Brazil) with rides scores of 82 and 81, respectively. Davis earned a total of 10 points towards the world standings while Nunes earned five.

In Fort Worth, Texas, at The Cowtown Classic at the Fort Worth Stockyards on Jan. 16-17, Kolt Donaldson (Idabel, Oklahoma) came away with 60 world points after capturing first place with two qualified rides on the event. He walked away with a paycheck for $6,032.59.

Guthrie Long (Odessa, Texas) placed second as the only other rider to cover both bulls as he recorded a total ride score of 165.5 and earned 30 points toward the world standings. He took home $3,944.20. In third place J.T. Pettitt (Odessa, Texas) recorded the second highest ride in Round 1 with an 85-point ride score. He walked away with $2,439.71 and earned 20 world points. Lane Nobles (China Spring, Texas) and Matt Ward (Saginaw, Texas) tied for fourth place with a ride score of 83.5 points each. They each earned 12.5 world points.

Ryan McConnel (Bloomfield, New Mexico) finished sixth earning five world points.

On Jan. 16-17 at the Wrangler PBR Bushwacker Invitational in Spokane, Washington, Clint Johnson (Baker City, Oregon) was the only rider to have two qualified rides as he finished in first place with a total ride score of 166.5, earning $4,771.35 along with 60 points towards the PBR world standings. Johnson used two entries to finish in first and fourth place. Per TPD rules, a bull rider may enter an event as many times as he chooses. Some riders have been known to enter two, or even three times.

Strider Leverton (Vernal, Utah) finished in second place with an 86.5-pointride to take home $3,532.98 and earn 30 world points. In third place was Dakota Beck (Moses Lake, Washington) with an 86-point ride and $2,403.89. He earned 20 world points. Johnson’s fourth place finish earned him 15 world points. Gerald Eash (Trego, Montana), earned 10 world points with his fifth place finish while Beck’s second entry put him in sixth place with five world points earned.

In Ft. Pierce, Florida, at the seventh annual Bud Light PBR TPD event on Jan. 15, Wagner Luciano (Coronel Fabriciano, Brazil) and Canter each claimed a share of first place with 89-point rides, both of which came in the championship round. The two walked away with a paycheck of $3,032.97 while earning 45 world points each.

Josh Parrett (Dlo, Mississippi) had the highest-marked ride in Round 1 with an 87, good enough for him to finish in third place. He earned $1,755.93 along with 20 world points. Chad VanAmburg (Archdale, North Carolina) finished in fourth place with an 86.5-point ride as he took home $1,223.83 and earned 15 world points.

Alex Jenks (Vale, North Carolina) and Tevin Cameron (Fellsmere, Florida) finished in fifth and sixth place, respectively. Jenks earned 10 world points while Cameron earned five world points.

The Touring Pro Division will take a break until Feb. 6-7 when the TPD will buck into Toledo, Ohio and San Antonio, Texas.

Professional Bull Riders Touring Pro Series Event Results:
Jan. 17 BlueDEF Velocity event in Reno, Nevada

Final Results (Round 1-Round 2-Total Ride Score-Earnings-World Points)

1. Tyler Harr, 82.5-84.5-167.0-$7,900-80

2. Robson Aragao, 87-0-87.0-$4,700-50

3. Cooper Davis, 86.5-0-86.5-$3,000-30

4. Brant Atwood, 86-0-86.0-$2,000-20

5. Austin Meier, 85.5-0-85.5-$1,140-15

6. Bobby Roberts, 84.5-0-84.5-$490-5

Professional Bull Riders Touring Pro Series Event Results:
Jan. 15 at the Pueblo TPD event in Pueblo, Colorado

Final Results (Round 1-Round 2Total Ride Score-Earnings-World Points)

1. Alexandre Cardozo, 87.5-86-173.5-$5,912.98-60

2. Valdiron de Oliveira, 82-86.5-168.5-$4,208.55-30

3. Cody Tyler White, 86-0-86.0-$2,381.06-20

4. Zac Peterson, 84-0-84.0-$1,587.37-15

5. Cooper Davis, 82-0-82.0-$785.75-10

6. Renato Nunes, 81-0-81.0-$444.47-5


Professional Bull Riders Touring Pro Series Event Results:
Jan. 16-17 at the Fort Worth TPD event, Fort Worth, Texas

Final Results (Round 1-Round 2-Total Ride Score-Earnings-World Points)

1. Kolt Donaldson, 85.5-89.5-175.0-$6,302.59-60

2. Guthrie Long, 80-85.5-165.5-$3,944.20-30

3. J.T. Pettitt, 85-0-85.0-$2,439.71-20

4. Lane Nobles, 83.5-0-83.5-$1,276.79-12.5

Matt Ward, 83.5-0-83.5-$1,276.79-12.5

6. Ryan McConnel, 83-0-83.0-$398.49-5

Professional Bull Riders Touring Pro Series Event Results:
Jan. 16-17 at the Spokane TPD event in Spokane, Washington

Final Results (Round 1-Round 2-Total Ride Score-Earnings-World Points)

1. Clint Johnson (A), 77.5-89-166.5-$4,771.35-60

2. Strider Leverton, 0-86.5-86.5-$3,532.98-30

3. Dakota Beck (A), 86-0-86.0-$2,403.89-20

4. Clint Johnson (B), 84-0-84.0-$1,675.44-15

5. Gerald Eash, 83-0-83.0-$1,048.97-10

6. Dakota Beck (B), 81.5-0-81.5-$626.47-5

Professional Bull Riders Touring Pro Series Event Results:
Jan. 17 at the Ft. Pierce TPD event in Ft. Pierce, Florida

Final Results (Round 1-Round 2-Total Ride Score-Earnings-World Points)

1. Wagner Luciano, 0-89-89.0-$3,032.97-45

2. Brian Canter, 0-89-89.0-$3,032.97-45

3. Josh Parrett, 87-0-87.0-$1,755.93-20

4. Chad VanAmburg, 86.5-0-86.5-$1,223.83-15

5. Alex Jenks, 85-0-85.0-$766.22-10

6. Tevin Cameron, 78-0-79.0-$457.61-5

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