Hayes has Been Building Up All Summer

By: Justin Felisko
July 21, 2016

Kasey Hayes will compete in his first event since Last Cowboy Standing in May. Photo: Matt Breneman /

Kasey Hayes will compete in his first event since Last Cowboy Standing in May. Photo: Matt Breneman /

PUEBLO, Colo. – The third annual Kasey Hayes and Stormy Wing Invitational snuck up on Kasey Hayes this summer.

Quite frankly, sharing the naming rights of the upcoming Touring Pro Division event at the Henry C. Hitch Pioneer Arena in Guymon, Oklahoma, on Saturday was far from his mind this summer because of a busy schedule that had far less to do with bull riding.

Instead of climbing aboard 2,000-pound bucking beasts or chasing after points in the world standings, Hayes and his wife, Leah, welcomed the couple’s second child to their family.

Lathan Gunner Hayes was born on June 17 and joins Cash, 6, as the newest member to the family.

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With his family growing, Hayes has been diligently working on finishing up building their new home. The three bedroom/two bath house is located about eight miles away from his home in Liberal, Kansas.

“Yeah I am excited,” Kasey said. “I just had a new baby and I am trying to get the house done so we can move in. He looks a lot like Cash really.”

Hayes is currently 29th in the world standings and leads Stormy Wing, who is 35th in the world standings, by 115.33 points with a month until the 2016 Built Ford Tough Series kicks off the second half in Nashville with the Music City Knockout, presented by Cooper Tires.

Guymon will be Hayes’ first event since Last Cowboy Standing.

Hayes is the defending event champion following his 92-point winning ride onDaNutso last year in Guymon. It was also the same event in which Kaique Pacheco rode SweetPro’s Bruiser for 94 points.

“I haven’t been anywhere this summer because I have been so busy getting this house ready,” Hayes said. “It was supposed to be done already. I am just doing everything I possibly can to expedite the process. A lot goes into building a house.”

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Hayes has remained hands on throughout the process and also helped design the interior layout of the house. The house also will have a copper roof.

“It is not too big and not to small,” he said. “It just makes sense. I designed it on the inside. There is no wasted space. It is just simple. It is basically just a rectangle with a garage on it. The front and back porch give it some dimensions, so it doesn’t look like one room. I like it. I am pretty sure anyone that wants to build a house in the country should build one like mine. It is pretty legit. I am proud of it.”

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Meanwhile, Wing is making his way to Guymon following a tie for seventh-place at the Salinas, California, BlueDEF Tour event on Wednesday night.

The Dalhart, Texas, cowboy rode Rim Rock for 81.5 points in Round 1.

“I felt good on the first one and good on Spotted Demon,” Wing said via text on his way from Salinas. “I just didn’t finish.”

Wing is trying to hang onto his Top 35 ranking before the BFTS resumes in Nashville.

Other Top 35 riders tentatively expected to compete in Guymon include Joao Ricardo Vieira, Fabiano Vieira, Wallace de Oliveira, Cooper Davis, Mike Lee, Robson Palermo, Kurt Shephard and Jorge Valdiviezo.

Part of it is simply being a cowboy, says Wing, which is fitting seeing as Saturday is the 12th annual National Day of the Cowboy.

The National Day of the Cowboy takes place every year on the fourth Saturday of July.

There will be celebrations throughout the country today honoring the heritage of the American West. More information can be found by logging on to

Wing and Hayes both shared what they believe the definition of being a cowboy is.

“Winners never quit and quitters never win,” Wing said.

Hayes concluded, “Being a cowboy is, the best definition I got, is it is a lifestyle of true grit and determination. That sums it up for me. It is a lifestyle of true grit and determination.”

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