In the Bull Pen: Anaheim

The bulls that were able to pitch a shutout in the Built Ford Tough Championship Round in Sacramento, California, will be back to try it again in Anaheim, California, this week. The group of bulls overall will be nearly the same bulls that were in Sacramento, but a couple of them got a pink slip from PBR livestock director Cody Lambert.

J.W. Harris had the two worst bulls you could draw at an event,” Lambert said. “That was my fault. I had two bulls in there that were hard to ride, but I was unsure of whether a guy could win anything on them or not. I had one of them out each night, and J.W. drew both of them. Neither bull gets ridden very often, but I saw enough of them with J.W. to be convinced that they won’t win anything when they do ride them. So, they won’t be back in the draw. J.W. paid the price for the rest of the bull riders. I really won’t turn down a bull that bucks too hard, but I will turn down a bull I don’t think they can win on. Both bulls are capable of having a trip you could win on, but I think they won’t do it most of the time. I could give you all kinds of excuses, but I blew it, and J.W. paid the price.”

What we will see in Anaheim is a strong group of short round bulls that didn’t allow a single qualified ride in the championship round last week. Led by Smooth Operator, they’ll be back with only a minor change.

“Percolator is moving to the re-ride pen for a rest because he’s already been coast to coast this year,” Lambert said. “Jerry Brown and Chad Berger’s Boot Jack was in the long round last week, and he was really good last week, so he will move into the short round in Percolator’s spot. Smooth Operator left no doubt he was the best bull in my opinion. I had him higher than the judges did.”

Mick E. Mouse and Margy Time, who are 67-1 in their careers combined, will both be back in the short round in Anaheim.

“Margy Time is really, really strong,” Lambert said. “On his worst days he would be the best saddle bronc in the world, because he jumps and kicks in a big circle. He’s got some timing. Cody Nance rode him at the Touring Pro in Denver, and you could tell how strong Margy Time was. Mick E Mouse, he’s pretty much doing the most right when they open the gate. That’s when he’s the hardest to ride. If a guy could last on him until they get into the spin he would get better to ride.”

Jeff Robinson’s Walk Off has denied Matt Triplett a couple of big scores this year after Triplett was 92 points on him at the World Finals. He’ll make another appearance in Anaheim as well, along with Beaver Creek Beau, who has denied just about everyone.

“I think Walk Off has developed into a solid bull,” Lambert said. “He’s always good, but he’s got a little shake to him, and a little roll to the outside when he turns back. He won’t ever be easy to ride. Beaver Creek Beau presents a different kind of problem for riders — he’s so strong and so slow. I think if he were faster, the guys would have a better chance on him. When he’s going so slow, they just have to weather each jump longer, and it throws their timing off.”

We’ll also see Long John, Mr. Bull, Fire Rock and I’m a Gangster Too in a heavy hitting short round pen in Anaheim on Saturday.

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