In The Bull Pen: Jacksonville

By: Slade Long
March 03, 2017

Stanley FatMax’s 75 career BFTS buckoffs is third all-time. Photo: Andy Watson /

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – In St. Louis last week, the riders managed just 31 qualified rides in 118 attempts. That’s 26%, and well below the average Built Ford Tough Series riding percentage, which has been 33-35 percent for the last few years. That’s largely due to the fact that St. Louis usually draws a lot of bull power because of its central location. We will see a major difference in that this week, as the BFTS moves to the east coast for the Jacksonville Invitational. The bull pen this week won’t be as strong overall.

In years past, we saw noticeably less bull power at the west coast events, but that has changed in recent times, mostly because contractors from Oklahoma and Texas are more inclined to haul bulls out west than they once were. In the same time frame, the PBR has had fewer events in the southeast, and contractors from the east aren’t as strong overall as they were a few years ago either. All of these factors will likely combine to make Jacksonville one of the lighter bull pens we’ve seen this year. That, in turn, means we should see a lot of qualified rides.

Jeff Robinson and K Bar C will have most of the short round bulls in Jacksonville, and while the overall bull power may be down somewhat, there are some stars lined up for the short round.

Robinson’s Stanley FatMax has 75 career buckoffs at the BFTS level, and that is third on the all-time buckoff list. One buckoff this weekend would move him to second place with only nine away from the top of the list. While he hasn’t earned outlandish bull scores in his career, when it comes to putting riders on the ground, FatMax is right up there with Bushwacker and Asteroid.

Robinson’s Air Marshall came from the Pages and was a standout performer at the Built Ford Tough World Finals, where Chase Outlaw won Round 1 on him. He will be one of the stronger and showier bulls in the Jacksonville.

K Bar C’s heavy hitter is Bad Touch, who is 16-0 at the BFTS level right now. Bad Touch originally came from Lorne High in Canada, and his style is very similar to Stanley FatMax. He will step forward occasionally and he makes it very hard for riders to get comfortable.

They are bringing another tough customer in Slinger Jr. He’s been ridden only once in 32 BFTS outs, and he’s faced the best PBR riders numerous times. He doesn’t always look terribly difficult, but his record proves he is.

Handsome Jeff is one of K Bar C’s newest bulls, and he’s nearly the opposite of FatMax and Bad Touch. He’s the kind of bull that riders love, and he’s given up several big rides this season already.

K Bar C and Jeff Robinson will have the most bulls in Jacksonville, but not by much. K Bar C is bringing 14 and Robinson will have 11. Jenkins Bucking Bulls, Broken Arrow Bucking Bulls, and Bar 3D Bucking Bulls all have at least 8 in the draw this weekend.

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