In the Bull Pen: Kansas City

By: Slade Long February 20, 2015 @ 04:00:00 PM

After two long weekends in a row, Kansas City will be a two-day event with just two long rounds and a championship round. The opening round will be an ABBI Classic round, and unlike most of last season, the riders did pretty well against the young bulls in Oklahoma City earlier last month.

D&H Cattle, run by Dillon and H.D. Page are bringing quite a few bulls to Kansas City. They have seven bulls out in the short round, and they have the two most dominant ABBI classic age bulls going right now.  No one raises more quality bucking bulls than the Pages, but one bull they will have in the Kansas City short go is a bull they recently bought from Don Kish in California. It’s rare for the Pages to buy a bull because they produce so many. Crystal Can Do is a 5-year-old bull who will be making his BFTS debut in the short round Saturday night, and he shares some of the same bloodlines that the Pages have used for years in breeding. H.D. Page says Crystal Can Do is a good-sized bull, and they need to reintroduce size and new blood to their breeding program. In the early days of their program, the Pages used cows out of a Kish bull called No Can Do, who is the grandfather to this bull, and in 2005 they bought a Kish bull called Smooth Move who they’ve used a lot in breeding.

PBR livestock director Cody Lambert likes what he’s seen of Crystal Can Do on video, and expects him to be a short round-quality bull, but he’s worried the bull might prove hard to get out of the chute on.

“I’m afraid he might be a chute fighter,” Lambert said. “The report is he’s not, but he’s the kind of bull they should love on the rodeo circuit, but for whatever reason they don’t. He’s for sure a short rounder. He’ll spin to the right, with a lot of kick and good speed. He’s a bucker, but every right-handed rider is going to want him.”

The Pages are also bringing Long John to the short round. Long John has been considered one of the leading candidates for World Champion Bull this year, but according to Lambert, he’s not running away with it yet.

“We’ve seen some good trips this year, but no bull is really standing out this early,” Lambert said. “Long John is probably the front runner, but Mick E. Mouse had the best trip we’ve seen so far in Anaheim.

We will see Dallas Schott’s Spotted Demon — a bull we don’t see very often, but one who has pretty much had his way with the better riders when he’s come around. He was one of the top 10 bulls at the World Finals. Smooth Operator, the top bull in Sacramento, will also be here.

There’s a trio of heavy hitters in the short round pen — Buck DynastyBeaver Creek Beau and Margy Time. Combined, they have a record of 127-4 against all riders.

“They’re strong, bucking eliminators is what they are,” Lambert said. “Buck Dynasty is the best one to ride of the three, but he slings his head a lot, which I don’t care for. Beaver Creek Beau is strong and slow, and Margy Time will make a circle — he doesn’t really spin. None of them are tricky, but they are strong enough to throw any rider any time he makes a mistake.”

In the ABBI Classic round, the Pages have two bulls that have been so dominant that every other bull is entering trying to win third. Brutus and Bruiser were both in Oklahoma City, and both scored among the top four bulls there — not just the Classic-age bulls.

“Brutus has looked as good as the bulls that should be competing for World Champion bull,” Lambert said. “Bruiser is just unbelievably good, and they are both just four year old bulls. They are a lot alike – they look alike, and they buck alike, although Bruiser has a little more speed, and Brutus has a little more power. They’ve been so good, that a lot of the other stock contractors don’t want to enter their bulls in the ABBI Classics if those two are entered.”

David’s Dream, Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey, and Fire and Smoke will also be in the short round on Sunday.

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