In the Bull Pen: Last Cowboy Standing

The PBR has produced the Last Cowboy Standing for a number of years now, and the format has proven to be an exciting one. The Iron Cowboy adopted the progressive round format this year, so this will be the second progressive round event of the season, as well as the last event before the summer break.

Typically, PBR livestock director Cody Lambert sets up these events so that the bulls used in each round are better than the last up to the point where one of the rounds is more or less a brick wall of bulls that will eliminate most of the riders. That will be Round 3 here.

“In the Iron Cowboy, we had the best bulls in Round 2,” Lambert said. “This will be a two-day event, so the first night we have one round with 50 riders, then we’ll come back with a second round on Saturday night with a minimum of 25 riders. The guys who make the whistle in that round will move on to Round 3, which will be the biggest test, because that’s where the top bulls are.”

The bulls for the third round and beyond are numbered so that the better bulls go into the draw first depending on how many riders make it to Round 3. Jared Allen’s Air Time is the top bull on the list, with Mississippi HippyPercolator, Little Red Jacket and Roy rounding out the top five.

“If we get past the first 10 bulls in Round 3, the rest of them are mostly the more desirable short-round type bulls,” Lambert said. “With this format, there’s always the chance two guys could just keep staying on, and we could run out of bulls. So, right at the end, the last bulls at this event are Stanley Fat Max and Palm Springs. Both of those bulls are at least 10 years old, but they are both pretty tough to ride. It’s pretty unlikely that they would both give up a score if it comes down to that. Neither of them are the flashiest bull, but they’ve been really good at throwing guys off for a very long time.”

Some of the other bulls we could see in Round 3 or beyond include Lane’s Magic Train, I’m a Gangster Too, Pound The Alarm, Circle T’s CrossfireDavid’s Dream, Wicked, and Shaft — a bull who has come all the way from the ABBI’s Backseat Buckers program to a true short round quality PBR bull.

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