In the Bull Pen: Last Cowboy Standing

By: Slade Long
May 12, 2016

Air Time is undefeated in five outs this season and will be in the pen. Photo: Andy Watson/

Air Time is undefeated in five outs this season and will be in the pen. Photo: Andy Watson/

LAS VEGAS – The Last Cowboy Standing event has featured a successful competition format for a several years now, and the format has spread to other select PBR events as well, notably the Iron Cowboy in Arlington, TX. In this progressive round format, each rider who gets a score advances to the next round, and this continues until only one rider remains.

PBR Director of Livestock Cody Lambert typically sets the bulls so that round one is much like a typical Built Ford Tough Series long round. The bulls from round two onwards are short round quality, ranked from best to worst, and they will appear in the event in accordance with how Lambert has ranked them.

“Every bull set for Saturday in Las Vegas is a short round quality bull,” Lambert said. “We have 30 of them coming, and I ranked them 1 through 30. If we need 10 bulls for round two, 1 through 10 will go in, and if we need four in the next round, 11 through 14 will go in. There will probably be several good bulls that won’t get bucked here, but the way this format works we have to bring enough of them to cover every scenario. There’s a chance everyone could buck off in round two, and we’ll bring everyone back round three. That’s what happened in Arlington this year.”

At the top of Lambert’s list is Jared Allen’s Air Time, a bull we haven’t seen much of this year, but one that is widely considered the frontrunner for World Champion Bull this season. Air Time is an exceptionally athletic bull, and he’s fun to watch.

“I have Air Time at the top of the list,” Lambert said. “I think he’s the best bull going right now, and it’s an easy decision here. Long John, Bruiser, and Pearl Harbor are all out on cows right now, and they won’t be in Las Vegas. It’s pretty common for PBR bulls to take time off for breeding this time of year. So, Air Time, Crossfire, and Wicked are the first three bulls on the list for round 2. There’s a bull right behind them – TLW’s Big Cat – that I expect to make up some ground on Air Time. He’s been really good this year. He needs to be challenged just like Air Time does.”

Filling out Lambert’s round two list are JARS/Gene Owen’s Little Red Jacket and Cochise, Chad Berger’s Beaver Creek Beau, Wicked Stick and Asteroid, Jared Allen’s Magic Train, and others.

The opening round on Friday will feature quite a few bulls who make their homes out west. Ty Rinaldo, Tyler Farris, Bierema Rodeo, Jerry Brown and Humpz and Hornz all have bulls out in round one. Chad Berger is bringing the numbers to Vegas, with 18 bulls on his truck. JARS/Gene Owen have the second most with 16.

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