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By: Staff reports April 13, 2014@ 07:30:00 PM

Robson Palermo may have to undergo surgery on his right shoulder. Photo by Andy Watson /


BILLINGS, Mont. ― For the second year in a row Robson Palermo is faced with missing a substantial amount of the season after dislocating his right shoulder.

Palermo came into the weekend with an unstable shoulder and a strained left groin. He then dislocated the shoulder of his free arm Friday night in the 15/15 Bucking Battle.

He was originally listed as questionable for Round 2, but opted out early Saturday afternoon.

“I had a bull called David’s Dream, and he jumped maybe three times and my shoulder (came) out right when I was on top of the bull and then he went to the left,” Palermo said. “I make it to 7.3 (seconds), but it was so painful I didn’t have any more heart to try because it hurt a lot.”

Palermo added, “I think I’m going to try and fix my shoulder again.”

He is scheduled to consult with Dr. Tandy Freeman this week and will likely have an MRI to determine the extent of the injury. According to Palermo, Freeman will perform the necessary procedure.

Palermo missed the majority of the 2013 season after undergoing season-ending surgery to both shoulders. He is now planning to have the same reconstructive procedure on his right shoulder as he had done to his left.

The 30-year-old is hoping to return in time for the 2014 Built Ford Tough World Finals in October.

After fearing he would be out for an extended period of time, J.B. Mauneycould return to the Built Ford Tough Series as soon as two weeks from now in Des Moines, Iowa.

An in-depth update on the reigning World Champion’s injury, which is being termed a complicated left wrist sprain, will be available Monday on

Mauney has indicated he’ll be in Des Moines.

On Sunday, Emillio Resende finished ninth in the average despite missing the Built Ford Tough Championship Round after straining his right elbow (riding arm, ulnar collateral ligament) and right thumb (MCP UCL) during his second-round ride attempt on Straight Jacket. He then aggravated the elbow injury during the third round while riding Shark Bait for 85.5 points.

He is probable for Des Moines.

Jordan Hupp bruised his back when he was hit by Bullet Proof after being thrown off coming out of the chute in the third round. He was able to compete in the championship round despite being helped from the arena dirt by the sport medicine staff.

However, there was no available medical update regarding Kasey Hayesafter he was slammed to the ground by Chocolate Thunder.

Valdiron de Oliveira competed with right shoulder instability, which is a recurrence of an old injury, in the third round.  Oliveira did not qualify for the championship round despite riding Prince Albert for 80.25 points.

Friday night, four other riders required medical treatment from Freeman and the sports medicine staff.

According to Freeman, Guilherme Marchi bruised his left shoulder (free arm, posterior deltoid) when he was hit by War Party’s horn in the opening round of the Billings, Mont., event. He competed in the 15/15, as well as finished the entire event. So too did Resende, who bruised his right foot when he was stepped on after being thrown off Rock River Red in the 15/15.

Mike Lee was competing with a sore right knee following arthroscopic surgery for a torn meniscus and, to make matters worse, he injured his right ankle when he was stepped on in Round 1 by Night Rider Six. Lee was able to finish the event along with Markus Mariluch, who also sprained his right ankle in the same round.

Like Mauney, Marco Eguchi is probable for Des Moines. He was out this week with a bruised right forearm (riding arm).

Chase Outlaw is week-to-week due to a strained right groin, while Billy Robinson is out due to a strained left groin.

Shane Proctor is out of competition for six months following surgical reconstruction of an unstable left shoulder in January. Nathan Schaper is out three to six months with a broken left leg sustained in Anaheim, Calif., which required surgery with the placement of a rod in his tibia, Reese Cates is out six months with a right shoulder dislocation that required surgical stabilization.

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