Lachlan Richardson Wins Montana PBR TPD Event

PUEBLO, Colo. – Using two entries, Lachlan Richardson (Gresford, Australia) rode to a victory at the Bitterroot Ford Bullorama Professional Bull Riders (PBR) Touring Pro Division (TPD) event.

At the Missoula Fairgrounds in Missoula, Montana, on Aug. 15, Richardson covered two bulls, one to take first place and one to take fifth place. Based on TPD rules, a bull rider may enter a TPD event as many times as they choose; some riders have been known to enter two, or even three times. Richardson chose to enter twice, successfully utilizing both spots.

With his first entry, Richardson posted an 89-point ride in Round 1 to win a total of $3,518.02 and 60 points toward the PBR world standings. On his second entry he tallied 86 points in Round 1 to win $657.47 and 10 world points.

Josh Birks (Coonamble, Australia) placed second after he rode for 87.5 points in Round 1 to earn 30 world points as well as $2,537.59.

Cody Ford (Stanfield, Oregon) finished in third place after he rode for 86 points in the championship round. Despite not riding in Round 1, his buckoff time was high enough to get him a second chance in the championship round. Ford earned 20 world points and $2,941.30. Montana native Dakota Louis (Browning, Montana) finished in fourth place, putting up an 86.5-point ride in Round 1, winning $1,153.45 while earning 15 world points.

At the San Antonio Cowboys Dancehall TPD on Aug. 15, Neil Holmes (Houston, Texas) earned 20 points toward the world standings with his first place finish. Holmes rode to 85 and 84.5 points and took home $1,476.24.

Jorge Valdiviezo (La Mision, Mexico) finished in second place to earn 15 world points. Valdiviezo covered two bulls for scores of 80.5 and 86 points as he won $1,119.88.

Holmes’ second entry allowed him to tie with Marco Eguchi (Sao Paolo, Brazil) and Winston Lopez (Bandera, Texas) for third place as each garnered 5 world points. Holmes earned $672.92, Eguchi $671.92 and Lopez $313.57.

In Springdale, Arkansas, at the Sam’s Furniture Buckin in the Ozarks event on Aug. 22, Josh Faircloth (Randleman, North Carolina), Jordan Hupp (Stephenville, Texas) and Guthrie Long (Odessa, Texas) are some of the riders that will compete.

Professional Bull Riders Touring Pro Series Event Results:
August 15 Bitterrot Ford Bullorama at Missoula TPD event in Missoula, Montana

Final Results (Round 1-Round 2-Total Points-Earnings-World Points)

1. Lachlan Richardson (A), 89-0-89.0-$3,518.02-60
2. Josh Birks, 87.5-0-87.5-$2,537.59-30
3. Cody Ford, 0-87-87.0-$2,941.30-20
4. Dakota Louis, 86.5-0-86.5-$1,153.45-15
5. Lachlan Richardson (B), 86-0-86.0-$657.46-10
6. Brady Oleson, 85.5-0-85.5-$322.97-5

Professional Bull Riders Touring Pro Series Event Results:
August 15 at Cowboys Dancehall TPD event in San Antonio, Texas 

Final Results (Round 1-Round 2-Total Points-Earnings-World Points)

1. Neil Holmes (A), 85-84.5-169.5-$1,478.24-20
2. Jorge Valdiviezo, 80.5-86-166.5-$1,119.88-15
3. Marco Eguchi, 87.5-0-87.5-$671.92-5
Neil Holmes (B), 87.50-87.5-$672.92-5
Winston Lopez, 87.5-0-87.5-$552.47-5

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