Lambert Wins First in Lashburn

By: Ted Stovin August 09, 2014@ 03:15:00 PM

Zane Lambert celebrates his victory on Friday night. Photo by Ted Stovin /

LASHBURN, Saskatchewan – Zane Lambert won the 11th annual Brad Phipps Memorial PBR in Lashburn, Saskatchewan, on Friday night with scores of 86 and 88.5 points to earn nearly $4,000 in prize money.

At 7 p.m., however, things weren’t looking too good weather wise.

“I don’t like riding in the rain, but it’s part of the sport,” Lambert said. “There’s days you don’t feel like doing it, but when you’re a professional you’ve got to do it and go out and play in the rain.”

The fans in Lashburn didn’t take a day off either and are often some of the best throughout the year at PBR Canada events.

“There were some fans that security kicked out when it started pouring,” Lambert said. “They were going to stay the whole time. After the rain stopped they all came back out and it was awesome. It was full even for a rainy night.”

Lambert’s win came on the back of a familiar foe in Bucking Fantastic. It was the fifth time he has faced off against the bull and his 88.5-point ride in the short go is the second time he has reached the 8-second mark on him.

“He was everything but wild and waspy there today,” Lambert said. “He just about got me on the ground right out of there and then I ended up getting back in shape, made the whistle. Shoot it was good. It worked out for a big score.”

He also posted the top ride in the long go with an 86-point showing on Smoke Show.

Lambert began the weekend 26th in the world standings and this weekend’s victory puts him in good shape heading into next weekend’s Built Ford Tough Series event in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

As has been the story for the past five weeks, Adam Jamison stayed on his bulls again and got a big check. After an 81.5-point ride on Jawbreaker in the long go, Jamison rode First Buckle for an additional 87.5 points.

Scott Schiffner and Budd Williamson split third place with 85.5 points apiece on Mambo #5 and Indian Turtle, respectively.

Nathan Schaper earned fifth-place with 85 points aboard Devil’s Wing in the short round after qualifying for the final round on buckoff time.

Despite the slight rain delay, the event went off without a hitch. The weather held up for the afternoon’s events as well, which featured the annual golf tournament and steak supper. The PBR Canada event has raised $300,000 in the past 11 years.

“The committee is so personal; I’ve got to know the people that put this event on,” Lambert said. “Thinking back, I think I’ve been here 10 years out of the 11 now. I’ve never won here before. I came second a few years back. I’ve rode here, had some good luck and some bad luck.

“It’s pretty cool to finally win it. It’s one of the toughest bull ridings to win all year. It means a lot to win an event like this.”

PBR Canada 11th annual Brad Phipps Memorial PBR
Lashburn, Saskatchewan
Unofficial results

Long Go: 1. Zane Lambert on Vold Rodeo’s Smoke Show, 86 points, $637.50; 2. (tie) Budd Williamson and Scott Schiffner, 85.5, $398.44 each; 4. (tie) Kurt Shepard and Beau Brooks, 84, $79.69 each; 6. Adam Jamison, 81.5; 7. Tim Lipsett, 80.5; no other qualified rides.

Short Go: 1. Zane Lambert on Two Bit Bucking Bulls’ Bucking Fantastic, 88.5 points, $637.50; 2. Adam Jamison, 87.5, $478.13; 3. Nathan Schaper, 85, $318.75; no other qualified rides.

Aggregate and Total Money Won: 1. Zane Lambert, 174.5 points on two bulls, $3,931.25; 2. Adam Jamison, 169/2, $2,390.63; 3. (tie) Scott Schiffner and Budd Williamson, 85.5 on one bull, $1,321.13 each; 5. Nathan Schaper, 85/1, $818.12; 6. (tie) Kurt Shepard and Beau Brooks, 84, $340.00; 8. Tim Lipsett, 80.5/1, $148.75.

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