Lil’ Hank Williams Mason Ramsey Yodels to National Fame

One minute you’re singing in Walmart and the next you’re sharing headlines with Beyonce’.

“We’re bringing the country to Coachella!”

Mason Ramsey, all of 11-years-old, with a red bow-tie, white shirt and Wranglers, gave the crowds at the California music festival a full-strength dose of Hank Williams and a yodeling style learned from his grandfather back home in Golconda, Illinois. They were there to see the best performers of the day from every genre of music, but it was Mason that stole the conversation. The crowds still haven’t stopped talking and tweeting about this kid with the cowboy hat and a big personality.

When a video of him performing “Lovesick Blues” inside Walmart went viral, his reverent rendition reached the Ellen DeGeneres Show. There he performed Hank strait out of 1949 and then, thanks to Ellen, did the same at the Grand Ole Opry. The self-proclaimed country boy was fulfilling his dream before his 12th birthday.

What’s next for Mason? Well, he’s cookin’ something up for us.

working on something for y’all

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