Looking Back at Prior Bracket-Formatted Events

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – There has previously been five bracket-style tournaments held by the PBR prior to this weekend’s upcoming Jack Daniel’s Music City Knockout.

From 2010-14, Iron Cowboy was a 24-rider rider tournament in Arlington, Texas. While the format and field is different for Nashville, much of the head-to-head concepts remain the same.

Twenty-one of the 36 riders competing in Nashville have nodded their head at least once in the old Iron Cowboy format.

J.B. Mauney leads the way with 14 outs at the old Iron Cowboy, while Guilherme Marchi ranks No. 1 with six qualified rides in 11 attempts.

Here is a breakdown of some of the more experienced riders when it comes to tournament-style bull riding.

Mauney (14)
Marchi (11)
Mike Lee (9)
Cody Nance (7)
Silvano Alves (7)

Marchi (6)
Mauney (4)
Fabiano Vieira (3)
Lee (3)
Nance (3)

Vieira (100%)
Marchi (54.55%)
Shane Proctor (40%)
Chase Outlaw (40%)
Gage Gay (40%)

Out of the 36 riders competing this weekend, there be will five rookies –Kaique Pacheco, Cooper Davis, Mason Lowe, Michael Lane and Dave Mason.

Lowe and Lane have two of the six rematches in Round 1.

Lowe is set to face Soldier’s Pride (5-1, BFTS). The two last saw each other in Des Moines, Iowa, with Soldier’s Pride besting Lowe in 2.31 seconds.

Lane will take on Darth Vader. Lane previously rode Darth Vader (0-1, BFTS) for 86.5 points at the Wheeling, West Virginia, BlueDEF Velocity Tour event.

Here are the other four rematches:
Aaron Roy vs. Buck Dynasty (37-2, BFTS) – 3.64 seconds in 2012 at Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Renato Nunes vs. Beaver Creek Beau (25-3, BFTS) – 1.54 seconds 2013 at Springfield, Missouri.
Robson Palermo vs. Crack The Whip (11-9, BFTS) – 89.5 points in 2014 at Arlington, Texas.
Stormy Wing vs. Lane’s Magic Train (16-2, BFTS) – 3.08 seconds in 2015 in Oklahoma City.

Emilio Resende (36) is in the draw for the event with one of his BFTS exemptions, while Douglas Duncan (35) and Alexandre Cardozo (34) are in the draw as alternates for the injured Valdiron de Oliveira and Bonner Bolton.

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