Looking Back at the Top-5 bull Scores of the First Half

PUEBLO, Colo. – The PBR World Champion Bull race is far from over and much is still to be decided before the Built Ford Tough World Finals in Las Vegas.

Today, takes a look back at the Top-5 bull scores of the first half:

Mick E Mouse posts 47 points by bucking off J.W. Harris in 2.65 seconds (Anaheim, California)

Mick E Mouse is the holder of the highest bull score of 2015 thus far after making quick, dominant work of J.W. Harris at the Honda Center in February.

Marlene Henry’s bovine athlete lunged out of the bucking chutes and swung Harris off in 2.65 seconds.

“Today we could just tell he was on his game,” Henry said in Anaheim. “His motor was running all day and I was really excited J.W. Harris picked him. It is a great matchup and hats off to J.W. for picking him.”

Harris selected Mick E Mouse with the 12th pick of championship round, but could not overcome Mick E Mouse’s trademark shoulder dip.

“He just kind of dropped that shoulder a little bit and then my left foot come up and I had nothing to stop it,” Harris said.

It was the first of two meetings between the four-time PRCA champion and the aspiring World Champion Bull this season. They would later meet again at the Ty Murray Invitaitonal when Mick E Mouse dupmped Harris in 2.97 seconds. Mick E Mouse was marked 45.5 points.

Air Time puts up 46.75 points for 4.21 seconds of work against Kasey Hayes (Iron Cowboy)

Jared Allen’s Air Time posted the third highest bull score of his career at Iron Cowboy when Kasey Hayes fell victim to Air Time’s athleticism.

“One of these days I am going to ride him for a lot of points,” Hayes said at the time. “I was trying my balls off and I hate it when I am trying that hard to ride one and I just get it handed to me like that. He has had that same trip with me both times, but I have seen completely different trips out of him that are probably in fact harder to ride.”

Owner Jared Allen had jokingly texted stock contractor Matt Scharping during the event about whether he should root for his bull or his rider.

“His trip out in Arlington I thought was amazing,” Allen said. “To be honest, I thought he looked outstanding in South Dakota, especially coming off a short rest (two weeks) for what our gameplan is. He was dang near standing on his head, that bull was so vertical that it was impressive seeing that.”

Last season, Air Time was marked 47.5 points when he bucked off Hayes in 3 seconds in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“When they buck that hard into your hand you think you have a good shot to ride him and you don’t,” Hayes said. “He just kicks so hard and is so snappy. He is up and he is down. When he comes down he kicks straight over his head, so if you are a little bit out of position that kick is going to put you that much farther out of position on the way forward. As he is kicking you forward, he is already coming up and you are already behind.”

Sweet Pro’s Long John scores 46.75 points against Kasey Hayes (Billings, Montana)

Less than two months after being throttled by Air Time, Kasey Hayes fell victim to another World Champion Bull contender – Sweet Pro’s Long John – in Billings, Montana.

Unlike Air Time, Hayes nearly came through for an 8-second ride before being launched high toward the rafters at the 6.49-second mark.

It was just one of those deals where everyone was telling me, ‘You made an awesome rank ride and you were almost there,’” Hayes said. “I was like, ‘Well, almost only counts with horseshoes and hand grenades and it really don’t cut it to almost make a great ride.’

“It is one of those deals where you don’t want to almost make a great ride. You want to make a great ride.”

Sweet Pro’s Long John goes for another 46.75 points in rematch vs. Nathan Schaper (Colorado Springs, Colorado.)

Nathan Schaper was confident before he attempted Long John for the second time this season at the Rumble in the Rockies. However, the second encounter did not go nearly as well as his first.

Schaper was dispatched in 3.45 seconds as Long John earned 46.75 points in his second consecutive out.

“He was really good,” said PBR Director of Livestock Cody Lambert in Colorado Springs. “He was outstanding. When H.D. brings him, he bucks harder. He just seems to have his best days when H.D. brings him.”

Schaper had previously ridden Long John for 89 points in Kansas City, Missouri.

“I still like the bull,” Schaper said. “You just have to do things right. You can’t screw up. I never got on time with him. I don’t know why I left bad. I was just out of time from the get-go and then you feel everything.”

Smooth Operator bucks off J.W. Harris in 2.44 seconds for 46.5 points (Seattle)

J.W. Harris felt the wrath of Smooth Operator in Seattle not once, but twice.

Less than 24 hours after Smooth Operator bucked him off in 3.33 seconds for a 46-point bull score during the 15/15 Bucking Battle, Smooth Operator took care of Harris again – this time in 2.44 seconds in the championship round.

Smooth Operator went right both nights leaving the chutes, however Harris attempt to counter by getting farther out over the bull on his second attempt brought no better results. Smooth Operator was able to up his spin a tad bit faster before snapping Harris off.

“I keep preaching the same tune,” Berger said. “I don’t think I ever had a better chance at a Bull of the Year than I got right now. He has proved it again today. He has made a statement all year, but people saw (what he did) to J.W. Harris.”

I’m A Gangster Too posts 46.5 points with Eduardo Aparecido (Nampa, Idaho)

I’m A Gangster Too posted his highest bull score since 2013 when he erupted for 46.5 points by whipping Eduardo Aparecido off his back in a quick 1.83 seconds.

It was the first time I’m a Gangster Too had surprassed the 46-point mark since bucking off Valdiron de Oliveira in 1.81 seconds for 47 points at the Fayetteville, North Carolina, BFTS event in October 2013.

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