Morning Line, Oakland, Day 1

Round 1 Matchups:

Claudio Crisostomo on T74 Hang Time:

This is a bull that warrants watching. In three BFTS outs this season he’s averaging just more than 44 points. He’s an up and coming bull that could become a regular short round talent. He’s shown some flash before. When Crisostomo first came on to the Built Ford Tough Series, he strongly resembled a left-handed Valdiron de Oliveira. Unfortunately, he still does. His riding percentage, like Oliviera’s, is down significantly this year.

Douglas Duncan on 75 King Fu Panda:

Duncan is the favorite here. Panda has been ridden four times in eight BFTS outs, and he’s 2-4 against the top-tier riders. We last saw him in Billings, Montana, back in April where Kasey Hayes was 85.25 points on him.

Guilherme Marchi on 552 Loco Lizard:

These two met earlier this season, and Marchi came down in 2.35 seconds. Loco Lizard likes to go to the left, which often doesn’t suit Marchi, but he’s not really enough bull to throw off any guy who is a serious threat to win a World Championship. If Marchi is going to make a move toward this year’s title, he needs qualified rides, and he is more than capable of getting one here.

Stetson Lawrence on 101W Closing Time:

Cody Nance was 86.75 points on Closing Time in Billings earlier this season. Left-handed riders are 4-4 against him, and the lefties who don’t make the whistle do tend to ride him a long way. Lawrence is coming off a good showing in Laughlin, and has a chance to keep it going here.

Kody Lostroh on 821 Super Kool Kat:

This will be a challenge for Lostroh, but not one that he can’t win. Super Kool Kat will spin to the right as soon as the gate opens, and that will be away from Lostroh’s hand, but there is more to it. This bull is also very welly, meaning he wants the rider to the inside of the spin. This type of bull requires some finesse to ride whether he spins into the rider’s hand or not. The good news for Lostroh is that he has better form than most riders. A wild and loose style won’t get it done on this bull. Small, correct moves will, and that is Lostroh’s strength.

Tyler Harr on 361 Whiskey Gap:

This is a pretty good draw for a guy who needs to turn in some qualified rides at this level. Whiskey Gap has gone up against three left-handed riders in four Built Ford Tough Series outs and all three lefties turned in a score.

LJ Jenkins on 828 Maverick:

This bull is almost a carbon copy of Kody Lostroh’s bull. He spins in the opposite direction, and Jenkins rides with the opposite hand. Maverick will spin away from Jenkins hand here, and like Super Kool Kat he’s welly. These two outs will look a lot alike, and both riders will face the same challenge.

Josh Faircloth on 915 Houla Hoop:

This is a good draw at any bull riding, and Faircloth should get a score here. Houla Hoop reliably spins to the right, but he’s been ridden pretty often by riders of either hand. This usually indicates a bull that has very steady timing, and every bull that has steady timing is likely to get ridden at this level.

Marco Eguchi on 91 Hair Trigger:

Hair Trigger has been ridden six times in eight Built Ford Tough Series outs. He’s also 2-5 against right-handed riders. Statistically this is as easy a bull and Eguchi should be a strong favorite here.

Cody Nance on 908 Wee Man:

This bull got Douglas Duncan on the ground in Laughlin, Nevada, last week, but JW Harris and Brady Sims have both ridden him at Touring Pro Division events this season for good scores. Many bulls didn’t do well at Laughlin, but this one was fairly strong in his Built Ford Tough Series debut.

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