Morning Line, Thackerville, Day 2

By: Slade Long August 30, 2014@ 10:00:00 AM

Plenty of good matchups tonight, and we should see a number of guys end up with two scores.

Douglas Duncan on 043 Arctic Monkey:

Arctic Monkey should spin into Duncan’s hand right in the latch. Mike Lee rode him in Colorado Springs, Colorado, earlier this year. Duncan has a good shot here with the bull going to the left, but this bull won’t be easy. Arctic Monkey likes to spin and he’s very good at it.

Matt Triplett on 786 Jared Allen’s H4WW Hot Iron:

This is one of the highest-rated bulls in this round. He’s enough bull to win or place on in most long rounds, but he doesn’t hand out points willingly. He pays most riders a face full of dirt. Look for Hot Iron to scatter out a few jumps and come around to the left. If Triplett can get past that in good shape, he’s got most of work done. Once this bull settles into a spin he’s pretty steady.

Jason Malone on K912 All Shook Up:

Douglas Duncan won Round 2 on this bull two weeks ago in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with an 88-point score. If Malone is going to make his mark at the Built Ford Tough Series level, this is a good opportunity.

Eduardo Aparecido on 1275 Tommy Tuff:

This will be Tommy Tuff’s Built Ford Tough Series debut. He has a few outs at the Touring Pro Division level, and he’s been ridden once — by right-handed Sean Willingham for 89 points. Aparecido will be as tough a test as Willingham for this bull.

Nathan Schaper on 191 Smokin’ Okie:

This bull’s stats make him look just like the bull that Stetson Lawrence got on last night. He has two outs on record, and was ridden in both of them. Usually, a bull that is ridden often on arriving at this level is a bull that bucks with great timing, so that’s what you should expect here. Most riders at this level can handle bulls with good timing easily, and Schaper should win this matchup.

Stetson Lawrence on 968 Stolen Cash:

Stolen Cash has been ridden just once in seven career outs, but Lawrence is the man who did it. They met at a Touring Pro Division event in Kearney, Nebraska, last December. Having one score already on the board and a familiar bull drawn is usually a ticket to the championship round.

LJ Jenkins on 911 Jared Allen’s H4WW Hy Test:

This is a good draw, but he’s a much better draw for left-handed riders. Hy Test has been ridden six times overall, five of those by lefties. He really gets it on to the left with a lot of drifting. His bucking style is very reminiscent of Gunpowder & Lead, one of the best money bulls ever to buck in the PBR.

Mike Lee on 802 Red Dingo:

We last saw Red Dingo back in March in Tacoma, Washington, where Gage Gay was 89 on him to win a round. This bull is right in the gate to the left, and bucks with a clockwork rhythm. Lee should get a second score on the board here.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on 344-9 Crack the Whip:

Vieira won the round on a great draw last night, and he’s matched with another outstanding bull that should fit him tonight. We’ve seen this bull ridden a couple of times this season for 89.5-point scores, and he likes to go to the left. Crack the Whip gets the best of a lot of riders because he has a couple of long jumps before he abruptly goes into a spin. If Vieira can keep up with him for the first couple of seconds, we should see a big score.

Josh Faircloth on 64S Flirting With Disaster:

Faircloth had an outstanding ride last night, and he’s got a bull he’s pretty familiar with here. They’ve met twice before, and the bull won each time, but Flirting With Disaster has been nicer to left-handed riders throughout his career. At this level, any of these bulls can throw any rider off, but getting the same rider multiple times is more difficult.

Guilherme Marchi on 911 Twin Towers:

Marchi should put up a second score here. This bull, like the bull that JW Harris has tonight, is moving up from the rookie level to the all-pro level in terms of the rider he’s facing. Twin Towers has been ridden once in four career outs, but he hasn’t gone up against anyone nearly as good as Marchi.

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