Nance and Harr Enjoying Road Trip with Their Families

PUEBLO, Colo. – Cody Nance and Tyler Harr may have different riding styles and workout regimens, but one thing the two Built Ford Tough Series riders have in common is a love and appreciation for their family.

Recently, both riders have brought their wives (Jordan Nance and Lindsay Harr) and kids (Addie Nance, Wyatt Nance, Nash Nance and Ava Harr) on the road with them for a portion of their summer run to BlueDEF Velocity Tour and Touring Pro Division events.

Nance purchased a camper for his truck this summer, while Harr re-did a minivan so that they could take a piece of home him on the road.


“I have rodeoed for the last several years alone during the summer without my wife and it has been tough,” Harr said. “You get to missing home. I don’t even feel like I am gone from home now. I don’t miss home. It has made it easier for me to focus. You don’t have to be worrying about storms hitting back home and stuff like that. It has made it a lot nicer for me.”

Nance added, “A lot of times it gets stressful on the family. You wind up coming home feeling like a stranger in your own house because they have a routine together and you come and bombard it. It is nice to all be on the same page and have them with you to support you. They are always so positive. They never say nothing negative and to have that positive energy around you. Them kids never doubt I have a chance to win and they are always proclaiming it. That is just a blessing alone to have that support.”

Both families had plans of joining their husbands on the roads, but at the Lima, Ohio, TPD event, Nance and Harr realized their schedules matched up and decided to camp out together across North America.

Cody and Tyler will watch the kids when their wives need some downtime, and Jordan and Lindsay will help out when their husbands have to get ready to head to the arena.

They have traveled to events all over North America, such as Calgary; Bismarck, North Dakota; Moline, Illinois and Binford, North Dakota.

The trip has allowed for Jordan and Lindsay – both Florida natives – to bond together during these past three weeks, and it has also allowed the children to have kids to play with them.

“Our kids are about the same age,” Harr said. “It is good for us to visit a little bit and camp together. We have done some working out. He has a way of doing things and I got mine. We talk some bull riding, but not too much. We try to stay away from it and not think about it.”

After a pause, Harr added with a laugh, “Plus the wives get aggravated if it is always about bull riding. They are wanting a break from it every now and then.”


Nance agreed that having their families on the road helps them not dwell on their struggles in the arena.

“The time that we get with our families is very good quality,” he said. “We get that relaxation from that instead of wondering and thinking about the bull riding all the time. It is important to have that down time so you are not constantly thinking about bull riding. You need to get away from it a little bit. That is a good chance for us to go do that.”

Both men have also enjoyed cooking on the campfire, and they will normally tag-team the meals, which have ranged from pheasant, to steak and eggs.

“To be able to spend time with Tyler and Lindsay and their little girl has been really cool,” Nance said. “We have all been carpooling and us guys have been cooking and the girls are taking care of the kids. It has been really nice. A lot of times we will stay out in the middle of nowhere and we always will get us some food. I will take some things and cook and he will take some things and cook. We put it together and we got ourselves a good meal. We eat real good and spend a lot of time together.”

Nance and Harr are both hoping to put together strong summer runs, but the summer does carry different stakes for each rider.

Nance is sitting high enough in the world standings – 15th overall – that he can focus on enjoying the summer break and winning some additional money and points.

Meanwhile, Harr is currently fighting for a spot in the Top 35 before the BFTS resumes on Aug. 7 in Biloxi, Mississippi.

The 25-year-old is 40th in the standings, but only 60 points behind No. 35 Alexandre Cardozo.

“I need to just stay consistent and get points,” Harr said. “Lots of points. I have yet to be solid on tour. I have bounced around all this year and I am sick of it. I am ready to be where I know I am going two or three weeks in advance and stay at that speed of bulls and not bouncing back and forth.”

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