New Headquarters for the Trusty Steeds of the Mounted Patrol

FORT WORTH, TEXAS – December 1, 2015 – On Wednesday, December 17 at 10:00 A.M., the Citizens Support Group for the Fort Worth Police Mounted Patrol will be hosting a ribbon cutting event to unveil the new Fort Worth Mounted Patrol Equestrian Facility. Located at 1901 North Las Vegas Trail, the equestrian complex features 5,600 square feet of office space, 17,000 square feet of conditioned barn space, locker rooms, a community room and exhibit space. The new facility was designed and implemented to meet the growing need for updated amenities that the existing venue was lacking.

The Fort Worth Mounted Patrol Unit consists of one lieutenant, one sergeant, ten full time
officers and thirteen horses.

“Not only does the Mounted Patrol serve an important operational function in fighting crime and protecting people and property, but it also remains an important symbol of our city’s rich culture and history,” said Betsy Price, Mayor, City of Fort Worth.

In 1987, Deputy Chief B.J. Kirkpatrick and Carol Becker proposed an idea to Police Chief Tom Windham about forming a Citizen’s Support Group for the Fort Worth Police Mounted Patrol. The group’s purpose was to provide support through funding for the unit’s horses, saddles, tack, trucks, facilities and equipment. Chief Windham invited 18 civic minded individuals to serve on the initial Board of Directors, with all agreeing to serve and electing John Justin as President.

The group’s initial support started with an eight stall barn provided by the North Fort Worth Business Association, with eight additional stalls being added in 1990. Over the years, the support group staged a variety of fundraising events which enabled the purchase of horses, trailers, saddles and other needs of the mounted patrol unit. Recently, the support group has concentrated on the acquisition of horses as the city has assumed a larger role in providing additional equipment.

The Citizen’s Support Group for the Fort Worth Police Mounted Patrol looks forward to seeing you during the ribbon cutting event at the new Fort Worth Mounted Patrol Equestrian Facility. For more information, contact Lauren Lovelace at 817-877-2408 or via email at