New Website Offers Convenience

LOVINGTON, N.M. – Patrons for the Lea County Fair and Rodeo have a one-stop shop for all things associated with the annual exposition.

Lea County Event Center & Fairgrounds has gone live with a new website, Not only does the site provide easier maneuverability for users, it is chalk full of all the information needed.

“Having a good, easy-to-use website is vital in this day and age,” said Corey Helton, chairman of the Lea County Fair Board. “That’s where the majority of information is inseminated. The way social media is today, if anybody has any questions, they can go right to the web pages.”

From purchasing tickets – advance tickets are $9 for adults, $5 for children – to finding out about all the activities planned in Lovington, the site is the perfect spot for fairgoers and others hoping to keep up with Lea County Events festivities.

The site also provides significant savings for regulars. Fairgoers can save $1 on individual tickets, even more for more other levels. An adult season ticket is $50, a savings of $6; a child season ticket saves $5. A Family 4 Pack is worth $24 in advance.

“By having a website that allows you to purchase tickets, we’re making it easier on the consumers, on the people that want to come to our fair and rodeo,” Helton said. “By giving people a price break with our advance tickets, we want everyone to know that we want them to enjoy the family friendly entertainment they’ve always loved at a good price.

“When you look at all the things you can get with an $8 advance ticket, that’s tremendous value.”

It’s exactly what fairgoers expect in the regional exposition.

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