Pacheco Closing in on 50 Rides

By: Justin Felisko
October 07, 2016

Kaique Pacheco currently has 42 qualified rides on the BFTS this season. Photo: Andy Watson /

Kaique Pacheco currently has 42 qualified rides on the BFTS this season. Photo: Andy Watson /

NAMPA, Idaho – World leader Kaique Pacheco shrugs about setting PBR records. Rightfully so, Pacheco doesn’t care much for records if he doesn’t have a gold buckle around his waist.

However, not only is Pacheco getting that much closer to becoming the 16thdifferent rider to win the world title, he is also on a very good pace toward hitting the 50-ride mark.

Pacheco’s 7-for-10 performance in the last three events has him up to 42 qualified rides on the Built Ford Tough Series. His riding percentage now sits at 51.22 percent, which is the second-best ratio in the PBR, and he is on pace to finish the season with 50 or more rides.

“I really take the time to study what bulls are going to do and hope that I am prepared,” Pacheco said.

Pacheco has a Round 1 matchup with Say Goodbye (4-1, BFTS) at the DeWalt Flexvolt Invitational. The 22-year-old rode Say Goodbye for 76 points in the season-opener in Chicago and earned a re-ride. He then takes on Wonder Fly (0-0, BFTS) in Round 2.

He leads No. 2 Cooper Davis by 875.33 points.

The last rider to hit the 50-ride mark in a season was Silvano Alves when the now 28-year-old won his third world title in 2014.

Only three riders (Alves, Guilherme Marchi and Valdiron de Oliveira) have reached 50 or more rides in the last five seasons.

“It is very important because the Built Ford Tough is all of the rankest bulls every week,” said Alves, who won last weekend’s event in Eugene, Oregon. “The guys that have rode 50 or more, it means you are one of the best cowboys in the world. It is very difficult for guys to stay on their bulls all the time.”

2014 was Alves’ fourth consecutive season with 50-plus rides. He rode 69 and 62 bulls in his previous two World Championship seasons.

“No. I don’t think guys think of anything,” Alves said. “You are just thinking gold buckle and ride every bull every day. You focus straight and get on the bulls.”

In fact, Alves is one of seven World Champions since 2000 to ride 50 or more bulls in their championship season.

2010 World Champion Renato Nunes (55), 2009 World Champion Kody Lostroh (61), 2008 World Champion Marchi (75), 2007 World Champion Justin McBride (58), 2002 World Champion Ednei Caminhas (52) and 2001 World Champion Adriano Moraes (50) also accomplished the feat.

“I did 75 in one season?” Marchi asked in amazement. “I didn’t know that. That is a lot of bulls. When you are at the top of your career, you don’t think about numbers. You just have to have fun and you are enjoying what you are doing. Every week you come you want to get on more bulls. You want to do the best.”

Marchi hit the 50-plus mark five consecutive years (2005-2008).

He believes Pacheco will hit the monumental mark this season.

“Those bulls are so rank, but they kick different. Kaique’s mind is just to ride bulls,” Marchi said. “He wants his dream to come true. That is why he rides so strong. His dedication. His passion is to ride bulls. Every week he come to be the best. He want to win. It is a lot of bulls. 50 bulls is a lot of bulls for a season. “

Oliveira also went five straight years with 50 or more rides. Oliveira had a career-best 62 rides during Marchi’s 2008 championship season.

He said the key is to stay focused and calm for an entire season.

“Well it is very hard because every day is one more bull,” Oliveira said. “You need to be calm like ice. I know Kaique is a pretty calm guy. If he stays focused right now, he will break that record. Kaique can do it. It is too easy for him to stay on. It also depends on the draw.”

Oliveira is 26th in the world standings and joked with Pacheco about having more than double the amount of qualified rides he has this season.

“I stayed on many, many bulls in my career,” Oliveira said. “I tried to stay ahead of him, but I said, ‘Stop, you passed me.’ He said, ‘I worked hard to pass you.’”

There are still three events remaining, as well as the World Finals, but Marchi believes Pacheco is closer than ever to finally achieving his World Champion dream.

“I just wish the best for Kaique,” Marchi said. “He deserve everything. Everything is coming in his life right now. His career. This kid is going to make history in the PBR.”

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