PBR riders highlight Calgary Stampede roster

By: Staff reports April 07, 2014@ 11:00:00 AM

J.B. Mauney won the 2013 Calgary Stampede and is currently sixth in the PBR world standings.


FORT WORTH, Texas ― The list of bull riders competing at this year’s Calgary Stampede was released to the public last week and it’s no surprise to see former winners J.B. MauneyShane Proctor and Chad Besplug atop the list of PBR riders with Built Ford Tough Series experience.

Mauney, who is the reigning World Champion, is a two-time Stampede champion after winning last year.

Proctor is a 2011 Stampede winner but he has missed the majority of the 2014 BFTS season after shoulder surgery, while Besplug won the annual event in 2012.

In the release, Director of Rodeo Keith Marrington said, “These elite athletes know they can earn a $100,000 paycheck on our million dollar Sunday Showdown.”

In its 102nd year of existence, the Stampede pays out $2 million in annual winnings. This year’s event takes place July 4-13.

Mike Lee, currently fourth in the world standings, and L.J. Jenkins, 8th, are also among the Stampede veterans along with other top BFTS riders Joao Ricardo Vieira, 3rdMarco Eguchi, 7thCody Nance, 12thTanner Byrne, 18thClaudio Crisostomo, 22ndChase Outlaw, 26thZane Lambert, 30th, and Jory Markiss, 35th.

“That’s the greatest rodeo that there is,” said Jenkins, whose yearly goal to is be invited back. “It’s amazing to go and experience it. I’ve been a handful of times and it never gets old.”

He added, “The money’s good, the crowd’s good and it’s just a fun event to be a part of.”

In addition to Besplug, Byrne and Lambert, another pair of Canadian representatives with PBR connections include Scott Schiffner and Tanner Girletz.

Other riders filling out the list of 20 riders include Josh Koschel, who until recent years was competing on the BFTS, Dakota Buttar, Cooper Davis,Tyler Smith and Cody Teel.

The riders have not yet been divided into the two separate pools of 10.

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