PRCA Legislative Action Alert

by | Sep 09, 2015

PRCA Legislative Action Alert

Oppose legislation that prohibits the interstate transportation of horses in double deck trailers

PRCA Legislative Action AlertRepresentative Steve Cohen (D-TN) is moving to attach his bill (H.R. 1282) which would prohibit the interstate transportation of horses in vehicles containing two or more levels (double deck trailers) to the Surface Transportation Reauthorization Act of 2015, which is expected to face a vote on September 17, 2015 in the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

This unnecessary and redundant legislation would put more trucks on the road while harming small business and communities.


We urge you to contact your Representative and also members of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee immediately (especially those from either your district or state) to express opposition to legislation that bans the transportation of horses in double deck trailers. Below you will find links to a sample email or phone conversation, list of House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Members, and a one page information Sheet, please use the information below to spread the word and let our voice be heard.

Find your Member of Congress

Sample Email or Phone Conversation (.docx)
Please use the above as a template but personalize it with your own involvement in rodeo, rodeo committees include information on how this would directly impact your work in your community through your rodeo.

***When sending an email, please send a copy to***

House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Members (.pdf)
One Page Information Sheet (.pdf)

If you have questions or need help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact either Jed Puglsey or Cindy Schonholtz.

Jed Pugsley
Livestock Program Administrator
719-528-4782 (O)
719-264-4982 (C)

Cindy Schonholtz
Director of Industry Outreach
719-440-7255 (C)

Talking Points on the issue:

1. The main issue when hauling any horses should be the safety of the trailer, i.e. headroom, road worthiness, etc. As with any form of transportation, accidents can happen and the focus should be on safe transport, not on banning one specialized form of transportation.

2. Rodeo horses must be fit and able to perform when they arrive at their destination.Thousands of horses are successfully hauled each year in specially modified double deck trucks.

3. Rodeo stock contractors that own bucking horses utilize double deck trailers which arespecially orderedorspecially modified in order to safely transport the horses.

4. Many stock contractors have one level created with a higher clearance (up to 84 inches). The level with the lower floor to ceiling clearance is used to haul timed event cattle or bulls.

5. The average height of a horse is approximately 60 inches. Floor to ceiling clearance in most double level trailers used to haul bucking horses range from 71 to 75 inches. This leaves from 11 to 15 inches of headroom for the average horse in these modified trailers, more than adequate.

6. Taller horses are usually hauled in the single level areas at the front and back of the modified trailers which have approximately 9 feet of floor to ceiling clearance.

7. The majority of bucking horses used in professional rodeos today come from breeding programs where they are specifically bred to buck. These horses are conditioned to riding in specially modified double level trailers from a young age.

8. You can view a video on the subject at this link here

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