Rookie Bull Rider Impresses Fans at Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo

Roscoe Jarboe from New Plymouth, Idaho became the first bull rider to be successful on two head at the 120th annual Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo. -- CFD photo by Dan Hubbell.

Roscoe Jarboe from New Plymouth, Idaho became the first bull rider to be successful on two head at the 120th annual Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo. — CFD photo by Dan Hubbell.

CHEYENNE, Wyo. – July 24, 2016 – A big arena, notorious bucking bulls and a legendary rodeo didn’t intimidate bull rider Roscoe Jarboe.

Jarboe is competing at his very first Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo and has become the first and only man to ride two bulls. and he did it with style. The New Plymouth, Idaho, resident is currently in his rookie year of competition in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association where he is second in those standings. He is also 14th in the world standings.

He had his first bull here on Saturday and is currently tied for third. He had an 80-point ride on Dakota Rodeo’s Yesterday’s Wine. Then he came back on Sunday with an 85 on another bull from Dakota Rodeo, Crossfire. Jarboe has a total score of 165 which nearly assures him a spot in the finals in one week. In fact, Jarboe’s total is one point less than what last year’s leader, Aaron Pass, had going into the finals. It’s all important for Jarboe to qualify for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo and accomplish his goals, but a win here would be especially gratifying as he lists Cheyenne Frontier Days as being his favorite rodeo.

Orin Larsen continued to dominate the bareback riding competition. He was 87 points on Saturday and followed that up with an 82 on Sunday. He leads the overall standings here with 169 points on two head. Three more sets of bareback riders are still to compete at Frontier Park and will have the opportunity to better his scores, but he is also looking good to be back next Sunday.

Reigning college champion steer wrestler J.D. Struxness from Appleton, Minn., is the most consistent competitor in that event so far. He had a time of 8.9 seconds at the first performance, then came back with an 8.7 on Sunday. A total time of 17.6 seconds wouldn’t qualify for most finals, but here it has a good chance. Last year any steer wrestler who had a total of 23.4 seconds or better got to nod their head a third time and hope for success. In fact, Struxness’s total time would have been fast enough to qualify for the finals in third place at last year’s rodeo.

The third performance of the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo starts at 12:15 p.m., Monday.

The following are leaders at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo after the second performance.

Bareback Riding: (first round) 1, Orin Larsen, Inglis, Manitoba, 87 points on Sankey Pro Rodeo’s Black Tie. 2, Grant Denny, Minden, Nev., 83. 3, J.R. Vezain, Cowley, Wyo., 82.5. 4, (tie) Wyatt Bloom, Bend, Ore., and Craig Wisehart, Kersey, Colo., 80. 6, Kody Lamb, Sherwood Park, Alberta, 75. 7, Jessy Davis, Power, Mont., 74. 8. Joe Wilson, Martin, S.D., 73. (second round) 1, Larsen, 82 points on Sankey Pro Rodeo’s 9 Moons. 2, Denny, 81. 3, (tie) Cody Kiser, Carson City, Nev., and Justin Pollmiller, Weatherford, Okla., 78. 5, (tie) Connor Hamilton, Weatherford, Okla., and R.C. Landingham, Hat Creek, Calif., 77. 7, Mason Clements, Sandy, Utah, 75. 8, Wyatt Bloom, Bend, Ore., 74. (total on two) 1, Larsen, 169. 2, Denny, 164. 3, J.R. Vezain, Cowley, Wyo., 155.5. 4, Wyatt Bloom, Bend Ore., 154. 5, Pollmiller, 149. 6, (tie) Cody Kiser and Landingham, 148. 8, Mason Clements, Sandy, Utah, 145.

Steer Wrestling: (first round) 1, J.D. Struxness, Appleton, Minn., 8.9 seconds. 2, Ty Lang, Montrose, Colo., 11.1. 3, Sam Olson, Buffalo, S.D., 13.3. 4, Jesse Jolly, Agate, Colo., 16.7. 5, Trevor Nelson, Coleman, Okla., 18.4. 6, Wyatt Johnson, Holt, Colo., 19.1. 7, Cameron Morman, Glenullin, N.D., 19.4. 8, Shelton Portwine, Dickinson, N.D., 19.9. (second round) 1, Struxness, 8.7. 2, Riley Butler, Blackfoot, Idaho, 10.3. 3, Weston Taylor, Perryton, Texas, 10.8. 4, Cameron Morman, Glenullin, N.D., 11.1. 5, Trever Nelson, Coleman, Okla., 18.8. 6, Trell Etbauer, Goodwell, Okla., 19.1. 7, Tanner Brunner, Ramona, Kan., 20.0. 8, Jesse Jolly, Agate, Colo., 26.3. (total on two) 1, Struxness, 17.6. 2, Morman, 30.5. 3, Riley Butler, Blackfoot, Idaho, 32.0. 4, Nelson, 37.2. 5, Jolly, 43.0. 6, Weston Taylor, Perryton, Texas, 44.9. 7, Seth Schafer, Yoder, Wyo., 58.0. 8, Ty Lang, Montrose, Colo., 11.1 (on one)

Tie-Down Roping: (first round) 1, Chase Williams, Stephenville, Texas, 10.3 seconds. 2, Billy Hamilton, Stigler, Okla., 11.0. 3, (tie) Boe Brown, Valentine, Neb.; Clint Cooper, Decatur, Texas; and Tyler Thiel, Belle Fourche, S.D., 11.1 each. 6, Jayce Johnson, Hempstead, Texas, 11.3. 7, Matt Shiozawa, Chubbock, Idaho, 11.4. 8, Cody Quaney, Cheney, Kan., 11.6. (second round) 1, Bryson Sechrist, Apache, Okla., 10.3. 2, Marty Yates, Stephenville, Texas, 11.0. 3, Matt Shiozawa, Chubbock, Idaho, 11.4. 4, Stephen McLauchlin, Rockwall, Texas, 12.2. 5, Blake Ash, Aurora, Mo., 29.7. 6, Lane Jeffrey, Wilburton, Okla., 12.9. 7, (tie) Quay Howard, Canyon, Texas, and Cole Bailey, Okmulgee, Okla., 13.0. (total on two) 1, Matt Shiozawa, Chubbock, Idaho, 22.8. 2, Clint Cooper, Decatur, Texas, 24.9. 3, Josh Jennings, Glendale, Utah, 26.1. 4, Quay Howard, Canyon, Texas, 26.3. 5, Trell Etbauer, Goodwell, Okla., 26.4. 6, Brice Ingo, Boone, Colo., 26.4. 7, Boe Brown, Valentine, Neb., 26.5. 8, Lane Jeffrey, Wilburton, Okla., 26.6.

Saddle Bronc Riding: (first round) 1, Ben Londo, San Luis Obispo, Calif., 81 points on Sankey Pro Rodeo’s Shining Mountain. 2, Andy Clarys, Riverton, Wyo., 78. 3, Justin Caylor, Sulphur Springs, Texas, 77. 4, Allen Boore, Axtell, Utah, 75. 5, Jesse Bail, Camp Crook, S.D., 74. 6, Treyson Antonick, Overton, Texas, 73. 7, (tie) Ryan Mackenzie, Homedale, Idaho, and Joe Lufkin, Sallisaw, Okla., 72. (second round) 1, Ryan Mackenzie, Homedale, Idaho, 80 points on New Frontier Rodeo’s Toy Box. 2, Allen Boore, Axtell, Utah, 79.5. 3, (tie) Zachariah Phillips, Rozet, Wyo., and Landon Mecham, Tropic, Utah, 76. 5, Dean Wadsworth, Ozona, Texas, 75.5. 6, Roper Kiesner, Ripley, Okla., 75. 7, Andy Clarys, Riverton, Wyo., 72.5. 8, Justin Caylor, Sulphur Springs, Texas, 72. (total on two) 1, Boore, 154.5. 2, Mackenzie, 152. 3, Clarys, 150.5. 4, Caylor, 149. 5, Mecham, 147. 6. Wadsworth, 144.5. 7, Chanse Darling, Hyattville, Wyo., 142.5. 8, Chase Bennett, Santaquin, Utah, 136.

Rookie Saddle Bronc Riding: (first round) 1, Rhett Fox, Redig, S.D., 73 points. 2, McKoy Hugh Christiansen, Emery, Utah, 70. 3, (tie) Tanner Lockhart, Lewis, Colo., and Nick Chew, Maybell, Colo., 60. (second round) 1, Shayde Etbauer, Goodwell, Okla., 76 points. 2, Jeff Cover, Ashby, Neb., 65.5. 3, William Bagley, Baker, Mont., 65. 4, McKoy Hugh Christiansen, Emery, Utah, 59. (total on two) 1. Christiansen, 129. 2, Lockhart, 114.

Team Roping: (first round) 1, Cole Dorenkamp, Lamar, Colo., and Josh Fillmore, Penrose, Colo., 11.9 seconds. 2, Ken McKibbin, Windsor, Colo., and C.J. Scheller, Ault, Colo., 14.4. 3, Corey Whinnery, Powderhorn, Colo., and Pake Younger, Grand Junction, Colo., 19.5. 4, Zane Barnson, Washington, Utah, and Cole Wilson, Lake Shore, Utah, 24.5. (second round) 1, Dorenkamp and Fillmore, 10.4. 2, Whinnery and Younger, 14.6. 3, Brit Ellerman, Ft. Lupton, Colo., and T.J. Watts, Hudson, Colo., 17.4. 4, Ken McKibbin, Windsor, Colo., and C.J. Scheller, Ault, Colo., 21.9. 5, Jake Day, Upton, Wyo., and Lance Allen, Orchard, Colo., 23.2. (total on two) 1, Dorenkamp and Fillmore, 22.3. 2, Whinnery and Younger, 34.1. 3, McKibbin and Scheller, 36.3.

Barrel Racing: (second round) 1, Kelly Kennedy-Joseph, Berthoud, Colo., 17.60 seconds. 2, Sharon Harrell, Wickenburg, Ariz., 17.66. 3, Molly Childers, Mead, Okla., 17.72. 4, Kayla Jones, Watkins, Colo., 17.78. 5, Wendy Hoefer, Ft. Lupton, Colo., 18.01. 6, Kaylee Burnett, Eden, Wyo., 18.05. 7, Sherrylynn Johnson, Henryetta, Okla., 18.07. 8, Tisa Kraft-Peek, Berthold, N.D., 18.09. (total on two) 1, Kennedy-Joseph, 35.61. 2, Jones, 35.86. 3, Kraft-Peek, 36.20. 4, Burnett, 36.22. 5, Harrell, 36.24. 5, Childers, 36.30. 6, Hoefer, 36.40. 7, Johnson, 36.49. 8, Dianne Bath, Burns, Wyo., 36.60.

Bull Riding: (first round) (four rides) 1, Trevor Reiste, Linden, Iowa, 86.5 points on Dakota Rodeo’s After Party. 2, Jeff Bertus, Avon, S.D., 81. 3, (tie) Roscoe Jarboe, New Plymouth, Idaho, and Joe Frost, Randlett, Utah, 80. (second round) (one ride) 1, Roscoe Jarboe, New Plymouth, Idaho, 85 points on Dakota Rodeo’s Crossfire. (total on two) 1, Jarboe, 165.

Wild Horse Race: 1, Jason Smith, $582. 2, Team Krackillac, Cowboy’s Dream, $436. 3, Team AK-Chin, $291. 4, Team McCarville, $145.