Six riders qualify for Billings BFTS event

By: Jordan Marie Johnson April 09, 2014@ 05:00:00 PM

The Built Ford Tough Series heads to Billings, Mont., this weekend. Photo by Andy Watson /

PUEBLO, Colo. – Six Touring Pro Division bull riders are now scheduled to compete as alternates on the Professional Bull Riders Built Ford Tough Series this weekend during the Stanley Performance in Action Invitational in Billings, Mont., April 11-13.

After receiving his PBR card only three months ago, 18-year-old Shay Marks (Sunny Brook, Alberta) was already able to celebrate his first TPD victory this past Friday night. Marks earned 85.5 points in the long round to head into the short-go with the lead during the third Annual Marwayne PBR event in Canada. While no rider covered their bull in the championship round, Marks picked up the overall win with his Round 1 score and walked away with $3,067.74.

Brian Hervey (Brant, Ontario) placed second with 85 points for $2,257.09, while Jesse Torkelson (Winfield, British Columbia) landed third with 84 points for $1,446.45.

Nick Volden (Cashton, Wis.) went 2-for-2 at the PBR Peoria Invitational in Illinois last weekend for a total of 173.5 points to take home $4,196.88 in earnings. Volden tied for third in the long round and for first place in the short go for the event win.

Luis Blanco (Irving, Texas) took second place overall with 173 points for $3,055.33, while Aniro Francisco da Costa (Toledo, Brazil) placed third with 170 points for $1,611.60.

In Waco, Texas, Tanner Learmont (Ft. Worth, Texas) split first place with 84.5 points in the long go, then notched an 87.5-point ride in the short go for the overall victory at The Waco PBR event with 172 points for a $5,275.38 payout.

Texas native Brant Atwood earned a second-place finish with 171 points for $4,032.68, while Wrangler Dunda (Odessa, Texas) placed third with 86 points for $2,132.08.

After earning the only 90-point ride during the Lynden PBR event in Washington, Dakota Louis (Browning, Mont.) landed first place and $5,905.80 in earnings. Louis’ 90-point ride took place during the long round. He entered the short go in first place and after not one bull rider made the 8-second mark in the short go, Louis became the outright winner.

Cody Ford (Stanfield, Ore.) finished in second place with 89.5 points for $4,345.20, while Laine Baze (Benton, Wash.) and Davis Dalton (Yakima, Wash.) tied for third with 87 points for $2,646.90 and $2,004.30, respectively.

Monday night in Alabama, Tyler Harr (Slovak, Ark.) was the only rider to cover both his bulls for the Mobile PBR Challenge victory and received $4,431.90. Harr picked up 81.5 points during the long round and 86.5 points in the short go for 168 points overall.

Mason Lowe (Exeter, Mo.) and Scottie Knapp (Albuquerque, N.M.) tied for second place overall after both earned 86 points for the long round win. Lowe and Knapp each received $2,159.85.

Despite a 79-point ride in the long round during the BlueDEF Velocity Tour event in Salt Lake City, Travis Briscoe (Edgewood, N.M.) was the lone rider to go 2-for-2 after covering his bull in the short round to capture first place and a $3,788.16 payout.

Justin Granger (Tuba City, Ariz.) earned a second-place finish with 88.5 points in the short go, while Tim Bingham (Honeyville, Utah) and Jamon Turner (Aurora, Colo.) tied for third with 86 points apiece in the long round for $1,735.41. During TPD events, 10 bulls are always bucked during the short go. If there are not 10 qualified rides in the long round, spots in the championship round will be filled with riders who achieve the longest buck off times.

Volden, Learmont, Louis, Harr, Marks and Briscoe have each earned alternate bids to the Built Ford Tough Series Stanley Performance in Action Invitational in Billings, Mont., April 11-13 at the Rimrock Auto Arena. Volden, Learmont and Harr will be making their BFTS debut.

The TPD will stop in Kansas, Winnipeg and Arkansas this weekend.

Brothers Dakota and Kyler Cator (Spearman, Texas), as well as Skyler Sims (Peculiar, Mo.), are all expected to compete at the INTRUST Bank Arena during the PBR’s BlueDEF Velocity Tour event on Saturday, April 12, beginning at 7:30 p.m.

The Winnipeg, Canada PBR TPD will also take place at 8 p.m. on Saturday at the MTS Centre featuring Ford, Zac Peterson (Velva, N.D.) and Colby Reilly (Ephrata, Wash.).

On Saturday at 8 p.m., the PBR Ft. Smith Invitational will begin in Arkansas at the Kay Rodgers Park with Atwood, Matt Bohon (Cole Camp, Mo.) andCody Brown (Godley, Texas) ready to ride.

Professional Bull Riders Touring Pro Series Event Results:
April 4 at the Marwayne Arena in Marwayne, Canada
Final Results (Round 1-Round 2-Total Points-Earnings)

1. Shay Marks, 85.5-0-85.5 points, $3,067.74
2. Brian Hervey, 85-0-85 points, $2,257.09
3. Jesse Torkelson, 84-0-84 points, $1,446.45
4. Adam Jamison, 83.5-0-83.5 points, $651.70
4. Justin Lloyd, 83.5-0-83.5 points, $651.70

April 4-5 at the Peoria Civic Center in Peoria, Ill.
Final Results (Round 1-Round 2-Total Points-Earnings)

1. Nick Volden, 86.5-87-173.5 points, $4,196.88
2. Luis Blanco, 86-87-173 points, $3,055.33
3. Aniro Francisco da Costas, 84.5-85.5-170 points, $1,611.60
4. Skyler Sims, 83-85.5-168.5 points, $1,141.55
5. Josh Faircloth, 79-85.5-164.5 points, $765.51

April 4-5 at the Extraco Events Center in Waco, Texas
Final Results (Round 1-Round 2-Total Points-Earnings)

1. Tanner Learmont, 84.5-87.5-172 points, $5,275.38
2. Brant Atwood, 84.5-86.5-171 points, $4,032.68
3. Wrangler Dunda, 0-86-86 points, $2,132.08
4. Alexander Cardozo, 84.5-0-84.5 points, $1,766.58
5. Francisco Morales, 84-0-84 points, $918.62

April 4-5 at the Northwest Washing Fairgrounds in Lynden, Wash.
Final Results (Round 1-Round 2-Total Points-Earnings)

1. Dakota Louis, 90-0-90 points, $5,905.80
2. Cody Ford, 89.5-0-89.5 points, $4,345.20
3. Laine Baze, 87-0-87 points, $2,646.90
3. Davis Dalton, 87-0-87 points, $2,004.30
5. Mike Sparks, 85.5-0-85.5 points, $1,077.12

April 5 at the Mobile Civic Center in Mobile, Ala.
Final Results (Round 1-Round 2-Total Points-Earnings)

1. Tyler Harr, 81.5-86.5-168 points, $4,431.90
2. Mason Lowe, 86-0-86 points, $2,159.85
3. Scottie Knapp, 86-0-86 points, $2,159.85
4. Lane Lasley, 85-0-85 points, $1,122.00
5. Tyler Eldridge, 84.5-0-84.5 points, $639.54

April 5 at the Maverik Center in Salt Lake City
Final Results (Round 1-Round 2-Total Points-Earnings)

1. Travis Briscoe, 78-83.5-161.5 points, $3,788.16
2. Justin Granger, 0-88.5-88.5 points, $3,133.66
3. Tim Bingham, 86-0-86 points, $1,735.41
4. Jamon Turner, 86-0-86 points, $1,735.41
5. Derek McCormack, 81-0-81 points, $926.21


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