Stampede Clarifies Enhanced Security Measures

Calgary – To add further clarity to its remarks yesterday, the Calgary Stampede provides this additional detail regarding bag search processes.

As guests arrive at the Calgary Stampede, they will be guided through bag search areas. At times, a random selection process will be utilized in the bag search area and all bags will be searched at other times. All visitors should arrive with the expectation of being searched and avoid bringing items that are not permitted.

Visitors who decline to be searched will not be admitted to Stampede Park.

This initiative is one of several security strategies the Stampede will use to improve the safety of its guests on Stampede Park.

The Stampede is incorporating its many years of experience to staff these areas appropriately during peak periods.

“The bag search area is designed to move people through efficiently to allow our guests to begin their day at the Stampede with a minimum of delay while maintaining safety as our first priority,” said Jim Laurendeau, vice president of Events and Park Services. “We don’t expect the new process to cause major delays getting in to the Park.”

Visitors are permitted to bring personal items such as non-alcoholic beverages, snacks, umbrellas, jackets, strollers, and of course their cowboy hat, but are asked to leave items such as pocket knives and scissors at home.

Other security measures used by the Calgary Stampede include having full-time security on Stampede Park 24 hours each and every day of Stampede, a comprehensive video surveillance system, and a close relationship with the Calgary Police Service who treat Stampede Park as its own police district with dedicated officers and other resources.

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