Super Bowl 51: Davis Rooting for Hometown Pal

By: Justin Felisko
February 05, 2017

A billboard recently went up in Jasper, Texas, to celebrate Cooper Davis’ championship. Photo: Cooper Davis

ANAHEIM, Calif. – 2016 World Champion Cooper Davis will be right alongside his hometown of Jasper, Texas, and its special rooting interest Sunday night for Super Bowl 51.

Fellow Jasper High School Bulldog Sean Weatherspoon will be part of an Atlanta Falcons defense trying to slow down future Hall of Famer Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

“I haven’t seen Sean since he graduated from high school,” Davis said. “My sister (Kayla) was in his class whenever they graduated and they were pretty good friends. You can’t help but root for the hometown.”

Davis, who played high school football for two years, is seven years younger than Weatherspoon.

“He was a few years older than I was,” Davis added. “I was in seventh grade when he graduated. He was probably too old and couldn’t remember me other than being a little blonde-headed turd running around.”

David Burt coached Davis at Jasper High School and compared his drive to succeed to that of Weatherspoon last year.

Weatherspoon’s mom, Elwanda, also was Davis’ fourth grade teacher.

“She was a hard class to pass for me because I wasn’t very good at science or history,” Davis, laughing, said.

Davis also said it may be time for Jasper to soon add another billboard recognizing Weatherspoon’s accomplishments.

“He may get one,” Davis said. “He needs one. A lot of talent comes from around there. Whether it is bull riding or football or just athletes. It was cool growing up around there.”

The town recently unveiled a billboard for Davis’ 2016 World Championship.

“My grandpa and the city of Jasper talked about it for a while,” Davis said. “After the Finals, they figured they better go ahead and do it. I didn’t expect it. That is cool. (2012 PRCA champion) Cody Teel’s got his sign in Counce, which is only about 45 miles down the road. I don’t know. It is pretty neat to have both of our signs.”

Davis may be rooting for the Falcons, but Matt Triplett is all aboard the Tom Brady train.

Triplett has been a Patriots fan for years and attended the Super Bowl two years ago when the Patriots stopped the Seattle Seahawks at the 1-yardline to end the game.

“They are going to win,” Triplett said. “I wish I had tickets to go again this year. The first NFL game I ever went to was that Super Bowl. If he could do it again, I would be happy for him. That is one guy I would love to meet. I would love to pick his brain. He loves to win and he hates to lose. He seems to keep a solid head.

“I love to look up to guys like that.”

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