The Morning Line: Albuquerque, Day 1

Albuquerque, New Mexico, will be a three-day event, and will feature a very strong set of bulls. At three-day events, and especially at this one, there’s always a chance that someone can beat the average winner for the event win. It happened in St. Louis, Missouri, which was the last three-day event we’ve had. At that event, we really had two winners, because two different guys won big points and money there. It’s pretty hard to out-earn the average winner of an event — the guy who wins the average would have to do it without placing high in any of the rounds, and the other guy would have to win a couple of rounds, but it is possible. There are a lot of points up for grabs this weekend.

Brady Sims on 923 Brody:

We last saw this bull in Fresno, California, where he was ridden twice. He didn’t produce big scores either time there, but if Sims can get on the board that’s a step in the right direction.

J.W. Harris on 085 Past Time:

This is a bull that has been around for a while, but he hasn’t been seen on tour regularly. The reason is that he has a history of being bad in the chute. In the past guys have either been unable to get out on him or they’ve been fouled because he went a little crazy leaving the chute. He’s better in the chute now than he once was, and once he gets out into the arena he has little chance of throwing Harris off. He bucks and spins with great timing, and doesn’t have any tricks.

LJ Jenkins on 978 Little Red Jacket:

This is what riders would call a snappy bull, meaning he has quick decisive moves. He has good timing, but he doesn’t spend a lot of time hanging in the air. As his front feet hit the ground he gathers himself for the next jump pretty quickly. The best thing about him is that he doesn’t scoot all over the arena — he has good up and down movement and he stays pretty close to where he starts his spin. He will tend to spin to the right, and Jenkins could easily win a round here. The last couple of scores turned in on Little Red Jacket have been round winners.

Matt Triplett on 903 Rock River Red:

This is a prime matchup with round-win potential. Rock River Red is often used in short rounds and he tends to go to the right, which will be into Triplett’s hand. They’ve met once before, and Triplett didn’t get a score, but he’s got a very good chance here.

Silvano Alves on 991 Crystal Pistol:

Alves has been on this bull twice, and ridden him both times. Other than that, Crystal Pistol hasn’t been ridden a lot. He’s really not a strong bull, and doesn’t have much breakover, so he’s not especially powerful. The issue here is that while this type of bull can carry riders to big scores, this one is not likely to carry Alves to that kind of score. Chase Outlaw was 88.25 points on him last summer, but nicer bulls often don’t have good trips with Alves. Alves pulls a very tight rope and tends to spend a lot of time in the chute, and that can hurt the performance of less powerful bulls. In their two previous meetings, Alves was less than 85 points each time, and that’s just about what he will be here if he follows his typical procedure.

Reese Cates on 011 Kung Fu Fighter:

Cates doesn’t have a qualified ride in the past three events, but he’s got a shot to change that here. Kung Fu Fighter has been pretty good to right-handed riders. He goes to the right, and has very even timing. Cates should put a score on the board here.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on 802 Red Dingo:

Red Dingo has been ridden three times in five BFTS outs. He goes to the left, and he pretty much gets easier as the ride goes on. The way Vieira has been riding, this is a slam dunk. If the bull has a good day, he could get some round points here too. Vieira tends to make bulls look their best.

Kaique Pacheco on 1275 Joe the Grinder:

Pacheco has a good chance here. Joe the Grinder has only been ridden by right-handed riders, and he’s good for around 87 points. Guilherme Marchi rode him in Kansas City, Missouri, a few weeks back for 86.25 points, and he was a better bull than that in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, last week.

Eduardo Aparecido on 09 Legal Tender:

Legal Tender has given up two rides in just four career outs, and Aparecido will be the highest-ranked rider he’s faced yet.

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