The Morning Line: Albuquerque, Day 2

If the guys are feeling as salty as they were last night, this should be a heck of a round of bull riding. There are a lot of very good bulls out in this round, and a lot of high profile matchups. If they ride 17 bulls again tonight, we’re likely to see a couple of 90-plus-point rides.

Eduardo Aparecido on 801 Tyree’s Pretty Boy:

Aparecido drew well Friday, and better tonight. This bull should be into his hand, and he’s pretty good to ride. On top of that, he can produce high scores as well. He’s been to a lot of venues, and faced a lot of different guys, but when he faces the top tier-guys they typically ride him.

Brady Sims on 880 White Lie:

Sims was 89 points on White Lie at a Touring Pro Division event early in the 2014 season. This is a bull that regularly gives up rides to left-handed guys. He’s not a pushover. He’ll get in the air, and stretch out with a lot of action. Good draw for a guy who needs to win a round.

Renato Nunes on 078 Grandpa Joe:

Grandpa Joe should go to the right, but he does get ridden by left-handed guys often enough. Nunes got on him earlier this year in Chicago, bucked off and got in a serious wreck. His spur hung in his rope, and he was stuck that way for a while, so the sight of this bull may bring back some bad memories for him. He’s capable of getting the whistle here, but he’ll have to do it going away from his hand.

Cooper Davis on 3028 Stuntin Like My Daddy:

Guilherme Marchi placed in Friday’s round on this bull, and he’s a bull that has only been ridden by right-handed riders. Davis got on him in 2013, but didn’t make the whistle, but he did make it 5.32 seconds, so he got a good feel for what the bull is like.

Kasey Hayes on 503 Imagine That:

Imagine That has pretty good timing, and he goes to the left. Bonner Bolton won second in a round on him in Fresno, California. You can’t bet against Hayes here — this bull fits him pretty well. He drew a bull last night that didn’t fit him very well, but he could make up for it here.

L.J. Jenkins on U816 Wolverine Construction’s Ringo:

Jenkins could pick up a second score here. He rode this bull in Fayetteville, North Carolina, in 2013. Ringo typically doesn’t produce big scores, and he doesn’t get ridden very often either.  Jenkins is one of just six guys who have bested him in 29 career outs.

Nathan Schaper on DPX18 More Big Bucks:

This is a great draw for Schaper, or for any left-handed guy. More Big Bucks should be similar to the bull he got a score on Friday, and potentially a better bull as well. Both J.B. Mauney and Ryan Dirteater placed in rounds on him at the World Finals, but since then two other guys have been less than 85 on him.

Reese Cates on 344-9 Crack The Whip:

The odds are a little against Cates here because he’s hurt and he’s right-handed. This bull can be tricky to ride, but he’s earned more round points for riders than any other bull this season. All of those points have gone to left-handed guys, and although they have an edge on him they aren’t guaranteed to ride him either. He’s a little on the shifty side, and can make anyone fall off.

Guilherme Marchi on 965 King Buck:

King Buck has a career 2-8 record against right-handed riders, so he’s one of the easiest bulls in the PBR for a right-handed rider. On top of that, he produces great scores and plenty of round points. He will spin to the right, and he bucks good enough, but he doesn’t have a lot of whip to the outside, so the only time he will get someone is when they make a mistake. The caveat here is that Marchi is one of the two right-handed guys who have bucked off of him before. They met in Biloxi, Mississippi, last fall. Don’t bet on the bull here though. That was an anomaly. Marchi should ride this one 10 out of 10 times.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on 058 American Sniper:

This is potentially your round winner here. Sniper wouldn’t be out of place in the short round at this event. He’s a quality bull. He does it all, and he does it very well. He likes to go to the left, and he has pretty even timing. Matt Triplett was 90 points on him to win the second round in Oklahoma City this year, and he threw off J.W. Harris in the short round in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, last week.

Silvano Alves on 03 Redbone:

We saw Alves just fall off a bull he had ridden twice before last night. It’s pretty rare to see him make a mistake, but he made a rookie mistake yesterday. This bull Redbone is actually the bull that Alves broke the consecutive rides record on earlier this season. This was the 17th bull in his streak when they met in Chicago, and it’s a bull he should ride every time.

Cody Tyler White on B111 Kiss Animalize:

You always have to pay attention to who has this bull when he’s out. This has been one of the big money bulls this season, and really last year too. He’s ridden in a little over half his outs on tour. As an added bonus, he doesn’t have any horns. There’s not a bull rider alive who wouldn’t like to have this one drawn every day of the week, and White has him tonight.


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