The Morning Line: Allentown, Day 1

Morning Line – Allentown Round One

Round One Matchups:

Chase Outlaw on 41 Stay Thirsty:

Stay Thirsty has been around for a long time, mostly on the rodeo circuit. He’s logged 60 career outs, and he’s been ridden 14 times. But, if he had spent his career going to Built Ford Tough Series events, he’d have been ridden 40 times by now. This is a quality bull that happens to do everything that bull riders love. He has good timing, he spins, and he has some backup while he’s spinning. All of this helps the rider. Outlaw should get a score here, and it will probably be a good one. Outlaw’s style makes every bull look his best.

Silvano Alves on 59 Alcatraz:

This bull only has two outs, but in one of them he gave up 82 points to Alves in St. Louis early this season. Unlike Outlaw and other riders like Renato Nunes, Alves doesn’t typically get the best out of every bull. Two thirds of the bulls he gets on don’t score as many points with him as they do with other guys. He tends to spend a lot of time in the chutes, which can take away some of the bulls energy. This ends up costing him round wins and event wins, and even a World Championship last season, but Alves seems content with collecting points and hoping that the other riders fail. Sometimes it works in his favor, but when he won his two World Championships he wasn’t settling for low scores – he was outriding everyone else. Now his success is more dependent on everyone else’s failure. He’s likely to get another score here, but this bull may not be able to help him place in the round.

Robson Palermo on 12 Texas Red:

This is another bull with a short history, but he’s been ridden four times in five career outs. He scored his only buckoff against the only left-handed rider he’s faced. Palermo may have to get it done going away from his hand here, but that shouldn’t be a problem.

Sean Willingham on -9 Circle City:

These two met in Chicago back in January, and Willingham came away with 86 points. Zane Lambert turned in 86.75 points on Circle City in Nashville, Tennessee, just last month. That kind of score could put Willingham in the money in this round.

Kasey Hayes on 01 Upper Deck:

This is a debut bull that is unridden in five career outs. He likes to go to the left, and he hasn’t gone up against anyone as good as Hayes yet. From what we’ve seen of Upper Deck, he looks rideable – he just hasn’t had the right guy on him.

Jason Malone on X8 Spitball:

Spitball has been around for a little more than a year, and he’s thrown off 10 of the 14 riders he’s faced, but he’s been vulnerable to left-handed riders. He’s 2-3 against them, and lefties who don’t get a score on him do tend to ride him a long way. The odds are with Malone here to get a score.

Ty Pozzobon on 903 Jared Allen’s H4WW Dynamite:

Chase Outlaw won a round in Chicago on this bull. This should be one of the better bulls out tonight. He turned back both ways with Outlaw and didn’t appear to have any dirty tricks. This is a good draw at any bull rider.

Tanner Byrne on 700 Fire Bender:

Though this bull doesn’t have much history, he’s worth watching. He threw Gage Gay off in Nashville, and it was discovered that he had an eye condition there that rendered him blind in one eye. He’s healed up and can see out of both eyes now, and the expectations are that he will be one of the best bulls at this event.

Valdiron de Oliveira on 248 Fat Chance:

Fat Chance has been ridden every time he’s faced one of the better riders, and Oliveira will be one of the better riders he’s faced. We’ve seen him on the Built Ford Tough Series twice – in New York and Chicago early this season. He was ridden both times.

Neil Holmes on 884 Get Western:

This should be a good draw for Holmes. Get Western was ridden by Brady Sims in Nashville for 85 points. He’s given up four qualified rides in 12 career outs. Holmes needs the points, and he needs bulls that can help him place in the money. He’s been doing well, but if he can hit a big payday here and avoid dramatic dismounts, he can end the season on a great note.

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