The Morning Line: Allentown, Day 2

Round 2 Matchups

Cooper Davis on 1275 Joe the Grinder:

Davis got a score last night, but it was a low score. He turned down a reride option to keep a 76.5-point score. It’s a little bit of a gamble to decline a reride when you don’t know what your Round 2 draw is. You could draw a bull you don’t have much of a chance on, and kill your chances of winning any points for the whole event. The only argument in favor of declining a reride is that you want to stay perfect in the average, and that’s a valid reason, because few guys do that at any event. Davis’ gamble paid off here and he drew a bull he matches up well against and could win the round on. Joe the Grinder will whirl it to the right, into Davis’ hand, and he’s got a shot here, but he must get a score here or the chance he passed up last night will cost him.

Derek Kolbaba on 244 Dracula:

Kolbaba rode his first bull at the BFTS level last night for a modest 82.25 points. He has a good draw for his second one, and he could easily get to the short round at his first event. We haven’t seen Dracula on tour at all this year, but about this time last season he was looking pretty good. He bucked off J.B. Mauney pretty handily here in Round 2 in Allentown last year, but overall, left-handed riders have had some success on him. This is a step up from the bull Kolbaba had last night, and he will have his work cut out for him, but being left-handed plays in his favor.

Shane Proctor on 957 Walking Through White:

This bull only has six outs on record, and he hasn’t faced a lot of high-level riders. He likes the right, and he has a very honest and straight-forward style. Proctor nearly rode Smooth Operator last night, and compared to that, this bull should be easy.

Stetson Lawrence on 309 Gas Pedal:

Gas Pedal is 0-2 against left-handed riders, and sure enough it’s because he likes to spin to the left. He’s got good timing, but he doesn’t have a lot of kick. He’s the kind of bull that it’s really important to stay forward on. He’s going to try to get the rider run back, and Lawrence will have to avoid that if he wants to pick up a second score here.

J.B. Mauney on 01 Cash Ya Out:

Mauney seems to be on a run of drawing bulls that aren’t good for his injury, and this is a prime example of that. This is the bull he originally got injured on in Nashville, Tennessee, where the bull fell coming out of the chute. He’s actually a great fit for Mauney if they can get into the arena clean. Cash Ya Out likes to go to the left and he is just the kind of bull Mauney should excel on.

Stormy Wing on 033 Shoot Out The Lights:

Wing won the first round, and he has a bull here that he won a round on in St. Louis, Missouri, early this year. Shoot Out the Lights started his career looking like a bull that might get ridden every time he shows up, but in the latter half of this season, he’s been throwing some guys off. He also hasn’t faced many high level left-handed riders. Wing should get a score here, and it’s likely to be good enough to win this round or place high in it.

Tanner Byrne on 56 Barstool Mountain:

Barstool Mountain threw Mauney off in Charlotte, North Carolina, but he’s a much better draw for right-handed riders. He’s 6-0 against lefties, but 3-4 against righties. Byrne should get a score here.

Fabiano Vieira on WB05 Wesley’s Pet:

This bull has a pretty good record of throwing guys off, but he probably won’t be successful here. He likes to go to the left, he has good kick, and he’s very honest. Vieira should have no problem getting a second score here, and it could be a good one.

Mason Lowe on X27 XD Sports Double Agent:

This bull is very similar to 83 Cowboy Up — a bull that Gage Gay won a round on last week. He likes the right, and right-handed Lowe should like him. Lowe placed in the round last night, and he’s done well down the stretch. This bull should help him keep it going.

Robson Aragao on 807 Cowtown Slinger:

While this bull is better for left-handed riders than he is righties, he’s pretty doggone good for any bull rider. He’s really fast, and he’ll spin to the left, but he has perfect timing. If Aragao can be mistake free he will get a good score, but Slinger is fast enough to punish even a slight mistake.

Eduardo Aparecido on 965 King Buck:

King Buck is hands down the friendliest bull in the PBR right now, particularly for right-handed riders. He’s 3-13 against righties, and for the kind of scores he produces, that is ridiculously easy by BFTS standards. He’s a quality bull that just isn’t very hard to ride. Aparecido should not have a problem here, and while he didn’t get a score in the first round, there’s a great chance he will be near the top here.


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